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  1. S

    looking for gaming hedset under 4-4.5 K

    now i need HLP with my headset i need one gaming headset under 5K to max 6K my main Perseus is gaming and metal rock music also i will b Waring for a long period of time and i ware specs SO ppl please recommend me a headset best suited for my convince Thankyou
  2. ssb1551

    What job proflies after VM Ware Course?

    Hi guys, I'm currently working as a Tech Support Engineer at a good company (sorry can't mention the name). I had intentions of moving to SAP field but all the companies want experienced candidates with experience of 3-4 years in SAP. So I'm planning to pursue a course in VM Ware. I wanna...
  3. TheLetterD

    BIIIIIG Virus prob with Win7

    :sad::idea::shock::shock:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Hi.... I recently installed Win7 ultimate on my pc. 1.A large no of files in system32 folder are infected by viruses:"win32/tantoes.j & win32/heur" last time i deleted them vista crashed <DUHH!!!>And never started again<R.I.P...
  4. P

    Which is easiest way to run tar.gz file on Windows XP ?

    Hello all, Can someone tell me which will be "Easiest" way to run/install tar.gz files on Windows XP. I am aware that once can install Virtual PC/VM ware & install linux image, but just to test tar (in .py or .c) file of 20 kb, I do not want to open & start VM Ware from scratch taking huge...
  5. patkim

    'double click' spyware

    Every time after internet access, when I run a spy ware scan it shows presence of a spy ware as Dubleclick. Any idea what this one is and how it can be prevented. Thx.
  6. A


    i want d following accessories of an ACER Travelmate 2300 series--- 1) New Battery 2) DVD writer 3) Increase RAM to 4GB...n ma budget is Rs.5000.... If any 1 knows ware i can find these things at a low price then plzzzz...
  7. C

    want a catloging programe for my home libraray

    I am looking for simple cataloging program for cataloging, querying for a home library. If anyone can help? Open source or free ware.
  8. D

    any desktop software to find invisible person of yahoo

    hi, is any freeware software availble which shows all invisible person of yahoo chat of a list. kindly show any free ware or trial ware.
  9. hailgautam

    Pls Suggest a Backup Software

    I need a Free ware backup software that works more like Windows Briefcase, copies all the contents from the Source Location to the Destination. I know of a software called 2ndCopy but it is not a free ware.
  10. patkim

    Annoying Pop up

    Occasionally while browsing the net, a new IE window opens at random taking me to adultfinder.com. This pop up seems to be able to bypass my Norton Internet Security settings and firewall somehow. I have tried a number of things including running Microsoft’s Malware detection, other spy ware...
  11. E

    Caller id software with caller photo

    do any one know any shareware of free ware that shows caller id info ad the photo of the incoming caller
  12. D

    where can I find highest free ware tools?

    where can I find free ware tools(highest tools)?
  13. V

    mobile wabsite

    how can i open mobile web site in computer and send me some more ringtone and mobile software site only free ware and sand me or reply how can i download mobile software for nokia 6230
  14. M

    help please....anyone using softimage 3d software...

    i unable to install softimage 3d... it is there in my dad's office but it requires a hardware dongle to run on a machineand there's only one dongle over there i have the original version cd.. version 3.9.2 (XSI) the soft ware gets installed but ther's this stuff about flexlm licensing..and...
  15. kumarmohit


    Hi guys i was just plying soulreaver2 but ( if any one has played it) as soon as I kill 3 vapire hunters in the verrandah of Sarafan stronghold and move to the gate the game plane simple crashes with no error msgs at all Can any one help me fix this- Is it bcoz of Hard ware -- U know the...
  16. I

    Windows Registry Checker

    Hey guys help! MS used to bundle somthin as Regcleaner or so in 98 wat abt those stuffs in the recent versions? Any idea? I need to varify some registy entries.. which is the best ware ? I want to think twice before i mess up :P Is there anything common that all uses .. reliable?
  17. I

    RAM FSB????

    Does ne one has ne idea how to chek the FSB of an installed RAM? I'm running Windows XP Professional. If there's any free ware to check FSB, could you give me the url 4 download? :!:
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