1. swatkats

    Give a miss call & Freecharge donates Rs.20 to Nepal Victims and also you get Rs.20 recharge voucher

  2. swatkats

    Help the Govt: Donate towards Nepal relief operations through PM Fund

    Alright, Requesting to members to be apolitical and participate in this cause. As you know, Nepal Earthquake is one of the largest disasters in the Himalayan nation taking life's of nearly 5,000 people, While this figure is expected to go up to 10,000. Indian Government is other side is trying...
  3. G

    300 victims groomed and assaulted by Oxfordshire gangs, report finds

    300 victims groomed and assaulted by Oxfordshire gangs, report finds - Telegraph This must be 15-16th such case of pedophilism in britain with victims usually being pre-teens that i have read about in last 1.5 years. (google it if you have any doubt) I must say regretfully that there ain't a...
  4. rhitwick

    [Discussion]What should be the ideal punishment for rapists?

    This is the topic of time in India. I'm not trying to minimize its importance but just pointing out the obvious. I've discussed this with my friends, eavesdropped at buses, office canteen, public gatherings people discussing on this. I've not got any satisfactory answer on this. Many have...
  5. buddyram

    No justice even after 26 yrs; This is India!

    Shock and disbelief were writ large on the faces of activists and survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy whose hopes were dashed when the Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected the CBI plea for more stringent punishment to the seven accused. Victims blame CBI for shoddy probe Many blamed...
  6. G

    FBI Warns : Fake bin Laden video is virus

    The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation warned computer users Tuesday that messages claiming to include photos and videos of Osama bin Laden’s death actually contain a virus that could steal personal information. The warning comes as security companies said that they’ve spotted the first...
  7. ax3

    Female students face more cyber bullying

    A study in Australia has found that female students have higher risk of being bullied on the Internet. The study looked at 518 female students and found that 31 percent were bullied online this year. Most of the victims were aged between 12 and 15. Cyber bullying is described as worse...
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