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  1. patkim

    Why Google captcha is aggressive when it detects TOR Exit Node!

    Sometimes I use TOR to browse the net. Usual browsing is okay but whenever I attempt to register on some site that requires Google captcha verification, it throws at least 15 - 20 repeated captcha image slides before verification is thru. Usually it just takes one correctly solved captcha...
  2. rijinpk1

    Antec Warranty Extension Campaign for Select Products(PSUs)

    Antec is conducting a Warranty Extension Campaign for Select Products(PSUs) from 1st July 2013 to 30th April 2014. from the official website, This is a great move by Antec and will attract potential buyers. there are rules to follow. here is the source Antec - Support anyhow, even...
  3. G

    Passport and Visa related queries and experiences

    Passport How to apply passport the new way? Passport Seva Project The process- The Faq's Faq Where can you apply? Locate PSK What are the charges? Charges What are the documents required? Documents Required My Experience- It was pretty simple and very...
  4. quan chi

    Youtube problem.anyone facing the same.

    Sorry for the interruption. We have been receiving a large volume of requests from your network. To continue with your YouTube experience, please enter the verification code below. WTF! and whenever i enter the code it goes in loop.
  5. ajaybc

    Need Help purchasing from Ebay.

    I was on ebay to buy an item.But the problem is that it is asking for my card no.,verification code and expiry date.I have a State Bank Cash Debit card which is of Maestro and it doesnt have any verification code printed on it.Also the validity of that card is unlimited and so what should i type...
  6. ╬Switch╬

    Paypal verification querry...

    Do Bank of India debit/credit cards work for Paypal verification? Has anyone verified Paypal acc with them? Cause Im not being able to verify mine. So id like to hear from someone who has already verified. Thanks.
  7. tango_cash

    i burned dvd after complition it says error while verification....is the dvd ok?

    i have a sony dvd writer . and today i burned a dvd at 8x and checked on verify disc after burning(i always do that). the burning process got over succesfully but during the data verification process it gave "data verification error". i have been burning dvd in past but didn't have this...
  8. anish_sha

    By Pass Image Verification In Orkut????

    hi guys is there any way to bypass orkut image verification in orkut? gets annoying while scrapping.. im using opera
  9. shyamno

    Getting verified in PayPal..

    Hi friends I want to know that can I use Kolkata SBI card for the verification process.How is the verification procedure carried out.. Is there any risk involved when giving credit card number on PayPal.. Please help me.
  10. MysticHalo

    SP2 inquiries

    Hello, I have win XP SP2 but now i m planning to format my HDD. I wanted to know whether the SP2 for WINXp which is available on the M$ site has any authenticity verification for original windows or not? If not....Gentoo...i m comin' ;)
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