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  1. Alok

    Mad Max

    Mad Max is an upcoming post-apocalyptic vehicular combat video game set in an open world environment. It is based on the Mad Max film series, being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by Avalanche Studios. It is slated for release for Microsoft Windows...
  2. asingh

    Best Racing Game

    Guys, Which is a good racing game which I should try my hand at. Have always played FPSs now want to try racing..! :) 1. Not too outdated in terms of graphics and game-mechanics. 2. Good vehicle options and competitive race circuits. 3. Vehicle upgrade options. 4. Can run on my 40" LED...
  3. eggman

    iPed – The Revolutionary Human Transport System From Apple

    Full Article here
  4. S

    Affordable 150 MPG car coming soon

    Source For those wondering how much a Gallon is, here is the info: 1 Gallon = 3.785411784 / 4.40488377086 Litres (U.S.) 1 Gallon = 4.54609 Litres (U.K.) 150 Miles = 241.35 KM. That translates to giving a mileage of around 54 KM/Litre. Not bad.
  5. romeo_8693

    Indian Vehicle Licensce Regime...

    Hey guys does any one know why we cant ride/drive a vehicle registered in one state in another without getting fined?? Shouldnt we be able to ride/drive anywhere in country freely?
  6. quadroplex780

    Crysis 1.2 patch released-Happy gaming

    Description: The second patch for Crytek’s highly-acclaimed Crysis is now available! Recent recipient of the “Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering” award from the Academy of Arts and Interactive Sciences and “Best Technology” award from the Game Developer’s Conference Awards, Patch 1.2...
  7. ArZuNeOs

    Car Flies in the year 2009

    Source : www.tgdaily.com A company called Terrafugia is currently developing a plane that transitions into a car. For a mere $148,000 you too can own a Transition. When completed in late 2009, it will have an average cruising speed of 115 mph, gets over 25 mpg in the air. It’s classified as a...
  8. JohnephSi

    The Godfather

    Plz tell me how to get out from a vehicle in the game.the key 4 it.
  9. amitava82

    Flying Saucers Go Into Production

    Little old news but really interesting: US company Moller International has begun to manufacture parts for its Jetsons-like personal flying pod, the M200G Volantor. The M200G is the size of a small car and is designed to take off and land vertically. Company founder Dr Paul Moller calls...
  10. A

    vehicle tracking using gps

    hi all, i have do the project regarding networking. so i've decided to do a project using gps in which we can track the position of a perticular vehicle. i searched for the topic but didnt get much info. so could anyone please inform me bout the devices i need to do it and the first steps i...
  11. H

    (Urgent!!) Need A Software Or Program For Ma' Office!!!

    Hello Geniuses My Name's Nitish, I Own A Small private auto financing office in gujrat. I am writing this post to ask your help for a program for my official work. I want a program to record my day to day finance work files, accepting all the entries i need to store on a usb pen drive. The...
  12. Gigacore

    NASA selects IBM for next-gen supercomputer system

    NASA has selected an IBM System p575+ supercomputer for evaluating next-generation technology to meet the agency's future supercomputing requirements. Supercomputers play a critical role in many NASA missions, including new space vehicle design, global climate studies and astrophysics research...
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