1. harshilsharma63

    A10 6800k overclocked to 8 GHz!!!

    The cpu-z validator: CPU-Z Validator 3.1 Source: The Stilt`s CPU Frequency score: 8203 mhz with a A10-6800K and AMD A10-6800K APU Overclocked to Record Breaking 8.2GHz
  2. topgear

    Hacking CPU-Z – Can You Trust the Results

    Continue Reading for fixes and updates ;-) Hacking CPU-Z – Can You Trust the Results? | Hacking Tricks
  3. The Sorcerer

    Asus G74S Republic of gamers Notebook

    Hey, I got a notebook for testing. For those who are interested, check it out: CPU-Z Validator 3.1 Peace ;)
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