1. ax3

    Raidshare file period ! ! !

    4 how many days will files uploaded @ rapidshare b present ???
  2. K


    ok..recently i stuck @ a program which i suppose its a client that allows me to download some files from the net. in their portal they mentioned that the software is a p2p client. is this better than a bittorrent network? they mentioned that all pando links have validity period after which...
  3. R

    Galactic Voyage - a game that i developed in may-june 2003

    Hi fellas, I am glad to present before you people a game that i developed in my 3rd year of engineering in may-june 2003. Its a very simple top down scroller, most of the game content was created by me, except sound n music. I also submitted it to Digit Team in a CD for publishing but I think...
  4. V

    Qs For Website Designing And Developing!!

    Hi, Friends Now days m preparing website and i need some gud s/w for making images like so i kn overlap the images with fading with each other as i need so if ne1 kno this type of software or even ne1 have tutorial for photoshop please give me .. ==>And now i want to make...
  5. N

    Bandwidth moniters, Download managers.... For Fedora

    Which is the best Bandwidth moniter in Linux that helps us to see how much data has been downloaded and uploaded through a broad band connection? Which is a best download manager for Linux as DAP in win?
  6. C

    ..:::The Official Share Your Software Thread:::..

    Simple as the heading states,someone asks/requests for a Software,Drivers etc, things like that and if you have it you can share the software using http://www.yousendit.com/ ,upto 1G.B.can be uploaded here.But nothing illegal,the mods will deal with those who post illegal stuff.
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