1. V

    Motherboard for Xeon E3-1230

    Hi, I am planning to buy Xeon E3-1230, need help in buying a compatible motherboard which supports all the features of this processor like vt-x, vt-d, HT, 64t, TXT etc. Also i would like to use desktop RAM for above processor, since i don't have much budget. Thank you VA
  2. rajwansh2003

    BlackBerry 8830 or Samsung TXT Mpower

    hi please suggest which CDMA to go BlackBerry 8830 or Samsung TXT Mpower Blackberry Rs: 4999 + Bluetooth Headset + 4GB card + Pouch Samsung TXT Mpower Rs. 5800 + nothing which is the best deal.
  3. buddyram

    PHP: File Downloading Query

    I am unable to download the file from the database which i had uploaded, instead it is downloading a txt file which describes the file information, with warning! Could anyone trace this? <?php $mysql = mysql_connect('localhost','root',''); mysql_select_db('upload',$mysql); $query =...
  4. A

    Thinking of buying Samsung Mpower Txt M369 CDMA, any suggestion??

    Hey Guys, I am think of buying Samsung Mpower Txt M369 CDMA phone. HAs anyone used this phone. Digit has not yet tested this phone. Samsung Mpower Txt M369 - Overview - Samsung Mobile India So i want suggestion on this phone. At reliance web world it is priced at 6200. Waiting for suggestion...
  5. T

    Which handset to buy under 6.5K?

    I did a li'l bit research and liked Nokia 5130xm, Samsung Corby TXT and Moto Rokr E8(http://www.motorola.com/rokre8). Supernova is also fine but my brother hav it already, and I didn't like the 6303 of Nokia. Please suggest me from these three which I have selected! Ranking according to me...
  6. V

    Data Recovery...Please solve....

    hello all, I need a huge favor my laptop was formatted after a backup but that backup was not complete; it had 6GB out of 30GB...so to get the lost data fishing (by Get Data Back for NTSS version 3.40) was done....but now those fished files are not opening....most of them are the...
  7. aditya1987

    How to backup Emails from gmail on HDD as txt file?

    Hey guys!! Can someone please tell me the procedure to backup Emails from gmail on HDD as txt file? Which software will I need? Waiting for your replies..:p
  8. toofan

    .txt files are not opening

    Hello guys, I have a strange problem since this morning I started my PC. When ever I tries to open a txt file. It gives a strange error. example: C: Document and Settings/vimal/Desktop/serial.txt Access is denied. I need help. Vimal Joshi Nainital
  9. R

    Little Javascript/Cookie Help..

    Hi people.. I have a little problem.. I need to put a javascript code in a html file, which when viewed, get the cookies of the viewer and store them in a remote txt file.. i know we can get the cookies with this - javascript:alert(document.cookie) or javascript:document.write(document.cookie)...
  10. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Picture to txt **Urgent**

    Is there any way i can convert a scaned txt page to a world document???:(:(...i badly need it guys...i need to scan a book but don't know how to get da txt saved as a document....plz help
  11. Y

    group policy settings

    plz guide me group policy settings doc or txt file in xp
  12. hullap

    Bacth Converter for .doc to.txt

    my father wants to to get a soft which will convert .doc files to txt which is psiibly FREE.
  13. ComputerUser

    Icon problems

    I was using a program called Editpad to view txt files. But I uninstalled the program and now, the txt files have no notepad icon, but they still open with notepad.
  14. chesss

    Convert to .txt

    Hey I have a number of html, pdf, rtf files. Any way to convert them to txt? Suggest a linux/windows solution please Thanks
  15. s18000rpm

    Intel: Viruses to be a thing of the Past

    To view TXT's list of executions, goto source Source: http://dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=4624 http://www.neowin.net/index.php?act=view&id=35843
  16. W

    how to decompile digit cd's index.exe?

    Because of minor eye problem, I need to view the text in bigger monospaced fonts. After many emails to digit helpdesk, to change the CD description format back to html or txt, or to atleast provide me a txt version of the contents, I have atlast decided to help me myself. Using reshacker, I...
  17. C

    Suggest Please : Urgent

    Suggest me a mobile which is fm enabled and from which you can read plain txt files which are transferred using USB.Text files are of maximum 2 mb in size.
  18. Biplav

    Samsung's answer to Motorola V3Razor

    This phone is about to be launched in India. The SPH-N2000 is 14.5 mm thin, it's VOD (Video-On-Demand) and MOD (Music-On-Demand) capable, it has a 1.3 megapixel camera and it has 120 MByte of memory to store MP3's. It has GPS integrated and reads PDF, JPG, TXT and several other file...
  19. hansraj

    txt files refuse to open after surfing the net....

    can anyone help me ...... i think its some virus attack which replaces the notepad.exe in the system32 folder in the xp operating system... everytime i have to replace the new unknown defected notepad.exe by the original one so as to open the txt files again using the notepad... n the...
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