1. PcEnthu

    30 Coolest and Funny Tux Icons

    This blog post has some 30 Tux icons gathered from CrystalXp.netwhich will entertain u for some moment. I really liked the Mona lisa Tux :D P.S: Users with soft heart for V$sta, stay away from the Smart Tux :p
  2. Dark Star


    How to create a bootsplash ? I want to change the default Kubuntu 1 and I find 1 too but it is in .tar.gz its not in .so format . So I thought I must try creating my own Bootsplash ?So any help from Tux experts here :p A simple guide would be a lot better :) jahan dekho SUSE ke alawa kuch...
  3. H

    Linux Wars (pic: for tux users only)!!

    Let's laugh at each other shall we! :D :D :D (sorry posting a thumbnail would have spoiled the fun)
  4. NucleusKore

    TUX Magazine

    TUX Magazine started out in 2005 with the linux newbie in mind. The last issue was released in December 2006. They were supposed to start a pay suscription system but never did, I do not know why. Anyway here is an archive of the issues of those two years...
  5. T

    This is so lame haha

    I upgraded my PC to Dual Core and my Debian 4.0 is not getting installed :( I think the DVD I got with a magazine is for 32 bit Single Core only :wink: Now thing is I cant live without Linux as I am pretty used to it and only use Windows for Games. I got Fedora 7 64 Bit & OpenSuse 10.3...
  6. hellknight

    Defend Tux!!

    Help Required!! Urgently!! Tuxizens, a freak named gx_saurav is defaming Tux in Technology News Section in the Digit Forum under Why You'll Love Mac OS X thread. Head on to the last page and try to kick his polka butt!! Thanks in Advance. All hail Tux
  7. Dark Star

    My 1'st Tux dedicated blog..

    Here is my new Blog on Tux .. Wordpress FTW .. Hope u al like it .. its simple and soothing no theme load and all .. Give feed back.. Till today only 3 post so plz compromise.. Regards Plz give suggestions on blog.. http://tuxenclave.wordpress.com/
  8. hellknight

    openSUSE 10.2 bootloader

    Hi guys! I've installed openSUSE 10.2 on my desktop with XGL enabled. When booting, somtimes I get the beautiful Bootloader with Tux runnig on the top and ice everywhere instead of the default dull blue boatloader. Could someone please tell me that how can I permanently keep that animated Tux...
  9. praka123

    Tux Magazine folds

    read more: http://desktoplinux.com/news/NS5510030186.html hmm...the end of a KDE supporting Magazine.i remember they are pretty much unanimously curses GNOME and other better Desktop Environments.their Q&A with Mango parfait is a GNOME bashing session.Yet we have another free pdf mag at free...
  10. A

    Unfortunate Tum Trainer. Help

    As A Redhat Linux 9 Tux Trainer, I Made It Cry Mp3 Using A Plugin.but To Play It With Video, I Installed Vlc Media Etc.but Alas The Tux Hide Those Players Somewhere.how Can I Use Them Without Seeing Anything.nothing In The Task Bar, Nothing In The Start Menu.nothing .vast Empty Space. Help Me...
  11. overdose_14

    Linux fans come here

    Linux is the fastest os Its free It sys req are damn less And Its TUX Which is the best linux The fedora Core 4 I think
  12. vandit

    who created the tux?

    Dont we think that tux is cute? who created it? :)
  13. A


    1. It is strange that when people create forums or join a forum of GNU/Open Source, they only talk about Linux. Why do they forget host of software for Windows too?????? And 2. Ok, Linux is fine. I use that too. But I feel pained that whenever noobs want some help, the tux geeks provide long...
  14. djmykey

    Icecast problems

    I wanted to install Icecast on my Suse Linux machine. Now I dont know the version of it but it shows 1586 something so I think it might be 9. Now the catch is i dunno how to install Icecast on my machine so if any1 havein the knowledge pls share it coz I have to submit it as my project. Thanks...
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