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Tux magazine, billed as "The first and only magazine for the new Linux user," has published its last issue, according to a New Year's Day announcement by publisher Phil Hughes. The magazine had achieved a circulation of over 100,000 readers, Hughes said.
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hmm...the end of a KDE supporting Magazine.i remember they are pretty much unanimously curses GNOME and other better Desktop Environments.their Q&A with Mango parfait is a GNOME bashing session.Yet we have another free pdf mag at free software magazine(FSM) www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/


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The magazine was fun to read for n00bies, though it always remain a n00bie mag, never beneficial for an intermediate or advanced gnu user.

I don't like this magazine for it's blind hatred towards gnome. (Mambo contributed most to it)


unexpected !!!!!!!!!! i was planning to suscribe
TUX said:
no-reply@tuxmagazine.com to me
Dear TUX Magazine subscriber,

Your subscription to TUX expires with the upcoming January issue. We
invite you to renew at this time.


Why TUX? Because your life shouldn't be about making your computer work,
it should be about making your computer work for you. Your mail, your
photos, your music, it's about making your life better.

That's why there's TUX. It's not about Linux, it's about what you do
with it. TUX features the Linux applications that give you a maximum
return on both your time and financial investments. Practical
how-to articles, the latest trends, and cool products are put to the
real test: everyday life.

Don't miss out - renew today for the low rate of just $9.95.


Khris Golderg
Circulation Manager

From all of us at TUX, our sincere thanks for supporting the magazine!


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The Future of TUX

First, let me thank the hundreds of people who have taken time to email me about TUX. Virtually every message praised TUX and talked about why it was needed. Well, I agree. The issue is how to make it possible.

For a number of reasons--not all financial--the model we had built for TUX was not sustainable. At this point, a group of us who were involved in TUX are tossing some ideas around. Where it will go we are not sure but let me assure you that enough of us feel TUX needs to exist that we will try our best to come up with, as they say, "Plan B".

As we continue to "think", expect to see some new content here. I will at least post a couple of the articles from what would have been issue 21.

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