1. X

    1.5 Ac - budget 40-55k. urgent requirement

    Silent / less noise. and if possible wifi enabled possible ? ( can i turn on ac from smart phone? - if not possible, no deal breaker. )
  2. G

    Galaxy S5 black screen problem and the phone doesn't turn on

    To fix this problem i tried to downgrade the firmware from android 6.0 to 5.0 via Odin 3 vs 3.11.1 but now the phone's blue led and left soft key only turns on. the phone doesn't start and not even charge.even after downloading the stock rom to phone. only the download mode appears recovery...
  3. Cyberghost

    Forza motorsport 6: Apex

    Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is coming to PC, and the Turn 10-developed, Windows 10-exclusive racing game will be free-to-play. Optional mictotransactions will allow players to purchase vehicles, or they can be earned by winning events. Apex is not a straight port of Forza 6. At launch, Apex...
  4. S

    Nokia Lumia 520 Flight Mode issue

    Unable to turn off flight mode in Nokia Lumia 520 Tries resetting the phone. Tried software recovery still unable to turn off flight mode.
  5. Rockstar11

    HELP - Sony hx20v when I turn it on it displays "Turn the power off and on again"

    I have a Sony Cyber-shot HX20V camera and when I turn it on it displays "Turn the power off and on again". when i turn the camera on it comes up telling me turn it on and off again and low light displayed in the background. have turned on and off many times and taken the battery out for a...
  6. O

    MotoG--WiFi switches on by its own

    Guys, the WiFi in my Moto G turns ON automatically whenever there is an available signal. How do i turn off this feature? pls suggest.
  7. G

    PC Running on power on but no display

    Hello my problem is that when i start my pc it sometimes turn on nice & good with a post beep but sometimes it starts without any beep. Other times after turning on all the fans run but there is no display. I think there might be a problem with the cabinet as earlier when i used to turn it on...
  8. avinandan012

    shocking reality

    Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? | World news | The Observer look what cost of living can turn a civilization into
  9. mang

    Dead Motherboard - how to replace without the need to reinstalled windows 7

    I have a dead mobo which need be replaced. But i do not want reinstalled OS (win 7). How do i do that - before replacing the board there is no way to turn on the pc. It can be turn on only after mobo replaced that is my main concern. Any help will be appreciated ?
  10. B

    Subtitles problem in MPC

    Hi Guys I have been using MPC from the past 7-8 years now. I never had any problem. Few minutes ago i was trying to turn off the subtitles of a .mkv movie which were hardcoded. Unfortunately i messed up with the settings and now i am getting bolder, bigger subtitles over the actual subtitles...
  11. 6Diablo9

    How to switch audio from front port to rear port?

    I'm using a speaker(rear port) & headphones(front port), whenever headphone is plugged in the speakers turn off, and I have to pull out the pin to turn speakers on again. Is there any way I can run main speakers with headphones plugged in the front panel?
  12. omega44-xt

    Nokia 5800 dead ? Contacts ???

    My dad's 3 year old Nokia 5800 Xpress Music doesn't turn on. When I press the power button, screen turn on, blank screen though, nothing else. Even phone doesn't vibrate, which normally happens when phone starts, before Nokia logo appears. Even when I put the phone in charging, screen turns...
  13. chandan3

    Turn of sleep mode in window7

    when the time of instalation any game or software the lappy became sleep mode.so guys help me where i can turn of the sleep mode in win7
  14. Sarang\m/

    Lappy hanging in windows 7

    I have a Hp pavilion dv6 6255 laptop with windows 7 home basic pre-installed in it. Nowadays it starts hanging every now and then. It goes too slow and it doesn't even shuts down. I have to turn the power off for restarting it. After that it becomes fine again and after a few days it starts...
  15. nikku_hot123

    Weird problem with external Tv runner card.

    My enter external TV tuner card is not showing any display unless i turn on my CPU. Whenever i am trying to turn on my card without turning on CPU " no signal detected" is coming. Earlier it was running fine. Plz help
  16. amjath

    Google play launches Books in India

    First Turn by Turn Navigation now this Google Books is here. Check it out people https://play.google.com/store/books?feature=corpus_selector Next up Google Music Yayyyy
  17. S

    Google Maps back on iPhone 5

    After so much criticism it was only a matter of time before google maps returned on iOs bringing turn by turn navigation and other features. More here
  18. V

    [Query] Prodecure for AMD Processor RMA

    Hi. I want to know the procedure for AMD Processor RMA, and also Who handles AMD Processor RMA in India?? I have 2 AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.2Ghz processor which are faulty (No display when i turn on the PC) and i want to give them for RMA. Please help. Thank you
  19. hareesh

    Problem with Monitor

    My ViewSonic monitor has developed a problem lately Whenever I switch on my PC, the display is not there for a while(about 15-20 mts).Then automatically the display comes up. If I try to turn on the monitor after switching it off, a combination of Blue-Red pixels are coming up ,spreading...
  20. Tenida

    My pc runing on and off :(

    Today evening when I turned on the PC, I noticed that its running on and off i.e. all fans and lights are turn on for 6 sec and then turning off, this process is continuing until I turn off the UPS. To solve this problem, I cleaned the RAM slot and RAM and its running fine now. But couldn't...
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