1. harshilsharma63

    Google reveals US Federals asking for personal information

    google revealed that between 0 to 999 such requests were made by the FBI. To give a feeling of safety to it's users's google will now include those letters in its report to create transparency. The fact that Google has more information about any person than any Government make's Google the...
  2. V


    I have PC with intel 915GLM onboard graphics. After installing win7 i puzzled as Aero transparency was absent. I recently installed win7 transformation pack and i got transparent theme. I had latest driver installed but it asks fo WDDM driver. Plz.......... help....
  3. nisargshah95

    Lightweight image editing software for transparency

    [SOLVED] Lightweight image editing software for transparency Hi, I am looking for a lightweight image editing software other than GIMP that supports image transparency. Please give me some suggestions.
  4. Power_user_EX

    Can a home laser printer print on OHP / transparency sheets ?

    hi, I m about to buy a laser printer.... but i wanna know if all normal , home use laser printers can print on OHP / transparency sheets w/o any trouble ? I need a dark print on the OHP sheets for my projects. My use use of the printer will be using it for printing on OHP /...
  5. nisargshah95


    So, all of you have heard about Wikileaks.. What's your count on it? Will you support it? Will you abandon it? I guess this is really good effort to keep transparency in government activities and it should be promoted and supported...please donate to WikiLeaks!!
  6. C

    Which is the best online shopping website in India?

    Which do ya all think is the best online shopping website in India? Which sells genuine stuff with transparency? All feedback welcome.
  7. iMav

    start bar ....

    i installed windows fx (stardock suite) ..... and selected windows transparency .... the problem is that whenever i rite click on any window in the start bar i have 'set window transparency' option below the 'close' option is there any way i can not have the transparency setting there:confused...
  8. rahul_becks23

    Gimme Transparent Borders

    Hey,does anyone here know about any software that gets u transparent borders EXCEPT WindowBlinds. Another exception is Glass2K,cuz it applies transparency to the whole window. So,guys,got any ideas.
  9. Satissh S

    [Screenshots] XGL ROCKS bigtime WOW!! :D

    I tried out the novell xgl in my gentoo 2005.0 build today. Emerge Xorg-X11 7.0 and then xgl. Now i'am running GNOME with compwiz Window manager and it seriously rocks!! :D :shocked: Screenshots Here are a few screenies, 8) 1. Here i have enabled opacity translucency in gconf editor and...
  10. E

    Converting icons Preserving transperency

    Please tell me few softwares that can convert png to .ico with transparency
  11. tarey_g

    Playing with transperency (I)

    Hi all , This is something I wanted to do with my avatar , but sadly I can’t do it now as becoz of the recent decrease in my post count from 717 to 277 , making me ‘resident techie’ from ‘Digitized’ (well okay I have no prob with that :) ) . So because of this I have used the...
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