1. A

    [For Sale] FS: Sennheiser HDR 170 Wireless Headphone without Transmitter

    Sennheiser HDR 170 Wireless Headphone without Transmitter Manufacturer: Seller: Expected Price: Rs.4000 MRP Rs.7999 Shipping: FREE Description: Sennheiser RS 170 - Wireless Headphones, Home Audio Headphones - Stereo Dynamic Bass and Surround...
  2. arpanmukherjee1

    Need a FM transmitter

    i need FM transmitter for audio. i want to know sites that have availablity in India. flipkart discontinues matching products
  3. C

    Beetel Boom 10000

    Hi i bought the beetel Boom 10000 today from a local shop, but i can't figure out how to connect the transmitter. The content of the package are the same as on this ebay link eBay India: Beetel Wireless Headphone with Mic Mike FM Cordless TV (item 150585859814 end time 02-May-2011 10:14:29...
  4. Z

    Fm Transmitter Bug

    I want 2 know that what will be the cost of FM TRANSMITTER BUG that is given in ur FAST TRACK "TO DIY 20" june 2010 edition.Will this work as a radio station? I mean to say that if once it is on anyone can tune there radio set to the frequency of the transmitter and listen it.It is also given...
  5. A

    A VHF/UHF Transmitter

    I want to buy/build a VHF/UHF video transmitter that is affordable. I wish to hook it up with a camera( a cheap security camera with rca audio and video output) fitted on a r/c car so that i can transmit video to a portable tv. I dont wish to have a separate receiver and hence want the sisnal to...
  6. N

    Nokia N78 without FM transmitter

    It seems the Nokia N78 being sold in India is without the FM transmitter as per this article: Nokia India website also does not list the FM transmitter in Nokia N78 specifications while...
  7. infra_red_dude

    Eee PC Internal Upgrades

    Some crazy guy has hacked EEE PC and added these: USB hub GPS with antenna Bluetooth Card reader Flash drive Power switch Wifi FM transmitter Modem System Memory Touch Screen Read the whole thing with pics here!
  8. seriuslyblack

    FM transmitter?

    Hi. i want to have an fm transmitter which i can connect to the line out of my pc so that i can listen to songs played in d pc on my fone's radio. please help.
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