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  1. K

    Way for faster transferring?

    Hi Guys, It relates to WINDOWS7 ULTIMATE. I usually transfer files from UPB to laptop and from laptop to USB. But it takes very much time for transferring the files. Is there any way or reliable free software for faster transferring?
  2. deadnoun

    How to back up MC 5 blackout.

    I have downloaded and playing modern combat. I need to transfer the game to my tab too. I don't need to download again, Because its around 1GB. I tried ShareIt but the game is only transferring not the additional downloads. Please show me some way. Thanks in advance.
  3. anarchy0x

    Transferring data(pics mostly) from XIAomi Redmi Notie 4G to PC

    I've been getting this problem while transferring pcs from Xiaomi, the pics simply won't move (trying to do a cut & paste here) & sometimes they do after doing it for a second or third time or even more attempts. Even while using copy paste I'm not able to get all the pics. This has made my...
  4. A

    software to speed up transferring file from pc to pendrive

    please suggest something. i use a window 8 pc
  5. axes2t2

    Pen drive problem - JVC stereo

    I bought a 4gb HP pen drive to plug in to the JVC panel and play music. It worked at first but after transferring some files and formatting it is not being detected by the player. Anyone know why ?
  6. M

    bluetooth blues

    hi i have a hp vista running on a centrino duo processor and i was using bluetooth to connect to my mobile for transferring videos and other stuff ,and it was working properly,but(a few days ago)for some reason it stopped transferring and the console displays a message "file not sent:an invalid...
  7. bajaj151

    [SOLVED] Error while transferring file

    Error :The file name you specified is not valid too long..Specify a different file name Can't able to rename...same error
  8. ComputerUser

    Transferring chats to new gmail account

    Is there any way to transfer the chats from the old account to the new account in gmail?
  9. M

    Transferring files (and paying games?) via wifi?

    Hi, Is there any way (I know should be) to transferring files through Wifi... I established a connection b/w the computers.. (laptops, actually)... it said 'connected' , but i dont know how to transfer the files.... nothing comes in the send to, and nothing comes in the network...
  10. C

    How to know other end's ip while Chatting in YAHOO!!!!!

    I think the heading says it all how to know other persons ip while chatting,in Y!M. but can u geeks tell me how to do it without transferring of files/pic with her. also netstat doesn't work
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