1. A

    Is Xperia Active worth Buy?

    Hey guyz, thanx every1, that i got my Xperia Sola, now using this month's salary, i wanna gift my bro a rugged smartphn, like me, he hasn't got stuck on dual cores and can survive on a single core too, i have the Xperia Active in mind for him, as he is a Bunjee Jump trainer. Please don'd...
  2. T

    Looking for a best Tennis Trainer?

    Hello guys I’m looking for a best tennis trainer for my sister. She has just started learning tennis. She wants to become a tennis star. I have found many clubs near my area but I want to give her training at home for few years. She is just 8 years old now. So can anyone suggest where can I...
  3. devgujar

    Need an Information About HP Certifications in Pune

    Hi , I am looking for a trainer for following certifications in Pune . A. AIS-HP Performance Center v9(M83). B. AIS-HP Scripting using HP Virtual User Generator Software(M19). C. AIS-HP Quality Test Professional v9. If any one has an information regarding the same ,Kindly share the...
  4. rohitshubham

    Counter Strike 1.6 trainer

    Hey can anyone of u give link of the counter strike 1.6 trainer. actually one of my friend needs it and i have googled but wasn't able to find it thanx
  5. JojoTheDragon

    FAR Cry 1 in game cheat help!

    I have downloaded a in game mod that will activate cheats while playing the game. Here the readme says that start the game in'-devmode' parameter. But i don't know what to do. Plz help. If any body knows any other way or trainer that may help plz upload the link here.
  6. g_goyal2000

    Titan Quest v1.30 Trainer needed

    Hi guys. I just installed v1.30 update of Titan Quest. I was wondering, does anyone have a trainer for v1.30 of the game?? I'm getting one at but it's paid. Come on guys.. Doesn't anyone here have access to this trainer???
  7. R

    Indigo prophecy Trainer needed...

    guyz plz help.... I need the trainer for Indiigo prophecy...
  8. max_demon

    Ultimate Spider-Man Discussion [Game]

    Actually my brother wanna discuss about the game Ultimate SpiderMan. He want to know is there any Trainer of this game (not +2 and +3).Any other trainers like -to clear johnny storm races [I have gotted another trainer but it is'nt working , can anyone tell me how to run that trainer?]
  9. emailaatif786

    Game: Cake Mania

    I installed Sandlot Cake Mania Ver 1.0 on my computer. I downloaded the trainer "PWZ CAKE MANIA GAME TRAINER". It hows F1 for unlimited money, F2 for Instant bake, and F3 for Infininte lives. Status: GAME NOT FOUND. I copied it to C:\Program Files\GameHouse\Cake Mania" and also tried...
  10. g_goyal2000

    Titan Quest 1.15 Trainer

    Hi guys. I just updated my Titan Quest to v1.15. I need a trainer for Titan Quest v1.15. Currently, trainers for versions upto 1.11 are available. Kindly provide me a link to the trainer for v1.15. Please. Thanks.
  11. A

    Unfortunate Tum Trainer. Help

    As A Redhat Linux 9 Tux Trainer, I Made It Cry Mp3 Using A Plugin.but To Play It With Video, I Installed Vlc Media Etc.but Alas The Tux Hide Those Players Can I Use Them Without Seeing Anything.nothing In The Task Bar, Nothing In The Start Menu.nothing .vast Empty Space. Help Me...
  12. debaisaindian

    POP Two Thrones trainer not working

    Can anybody pls help regarding the trainer.I have downloaded all the trainers that are avilable in the internet but nothing is working.Pls anybody give the link for any working trainer. Thanks in advance guys.
  13. S

    walkthrough and trainer

    please suggest me some website from where i can download trainer and walkthrough for games,and that too walkthrough with photos.suggest me some good websites.
  14. nishant_nms

    Game Trainer

    I want to know what is a game trainer?
  15. R

    need for speed ug2 hints

    hey guys can you plz give me th cheats and hints or te carear mode and i also require a trainer......i downloaded a trainer but the thing is tht it aint working ......i want a trainer that supports the version nfsug2 which comes in the cd there any way to download the update of nfsug2
  16. KoRn

    how 2 use this trainer

    i have a enter the matrix trainer but i dunno how 2 use it cuz there is no run game option in the trainer.there r jus da keys like infinite health f5 and all how do i use these 1s.i ran the game and the trainer but still they didnt work.
  17. D

    I want a trainer for GTA Vice City.

    [color=darkred]hello all I want a trainer for GTA Vice City can i know the links where i can get one. i have tried everything on the net but all is PURE AND APPLIED BAKWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. EVERY archive i notice is either corrupt or is incomplete etc. etc. etc and so on...
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