1. TheMost

    Low health torrents - client

    Guys i am currently using vuze to download my stuffs ... Now i have some problem I have a rare file to be downloaded over the torrent ( only 1 seed ) My vuze was good but leaks data in private trackers so get false ratios in that forum . yes ! now i have switched to utorrent and am getting...
  2. A

    Looking for a $5 seedbox and also how to get a demonoid ac

    Looking for a reliable cheapest seedbox provider around $5 to $10 and also need to know if i can get any private trackers ac invites like demonoid or other such websites
  3. ssk_the_gr8

    bsnl EVDO & torrents

    is it possible to use bsnl evdo with private trackers? what kind of upload speeds do we get on evdo? and i've heard that bsnl evdo uses a proxy and all the bsnl evdo users are assigned a single ip? evdo uses proxy.. will this be an issue with private trackers?
  4. M

    Why do People upload torrents ?????

    its not a crappy question so please dont give crappy answers ..... i really dont understand why people run the risk of uploading "stuff" on public trackers when RIAA only hunts the uploaders and not the downloaders ???????i mean for public trackers like pirate bay & mini nova u dont get any...
  5. vinyasmusic

    private torrent trackers ... !!??

    hi... guys can anyone list some good private trackers (torrent) ... public ones don give good speeds ... so plz some1 help yaar... i know a few only:sad:... and i can maintain ratio's ...
  6. go4saket

    Bad speed with Public Torrents???

    Hi Guys! I keep downloading lots of stuff, obviously legal, through Torrents but am facing a problem since the last few months. Say about 6 months back I only used to download only from Public trackers lie ISOHunt, Mininova etc and used to get a speed of about 200 KBps with torrents having...
  7. naveen_reloaded

    How To Download Torrents "VERY" effectively-By NR!

    Many are nowadays using torrents to get many stuffs like Ubuntu * Cough * , Free Software's Like VLC *cough * , Firefox * Cough * .... ok lets cut the crap .. shall we...:D:D:D How many of the times you downloaded your favorite torrent .. only find that there is very minimum seeders ... or...
  8. ashu888ashu888

    µTORRNT: How to Add List of Active TRackers??

    Huys, I wanted to know that How can I add a list of Active Trackers in my µTORRENT ? if there is any option of that sort ?? (to ge better speeds)... Here is a list of Active Trackers tha i wanan add (if it can be added) in µTORRENT: h ttp://
  9. tango_cash

    how to see status of all the trackers in utorrent???

    i wanted to ask if there are more than one tracker in a torrent like suppose 4 trackers in a torrent.then how do i know the status for each tracker,like is it working or not or how many peers are connected from that tracker etc.i mean the detailed info info about each tracker. bitcomet has this...
  10. naveen_reloaded

    HYDRA project on the way...good news for bittorrent users...!

    The Hydra Project is a new script for private BitTorrent trackers designed to resist any attack or raid, and to guarantee the privacy and anonymity of its users. It's truly hydra compatible, which is much needed quality in these turbulent times. The Hydra Project , THP for...
  11. iMav

    Torrent Sites Blacklist North American Users

    Citing increased pressure from piracy enforcers, operators call it quits Within the last week, two popular BitTorrent sites began blocking users located in North America:’s trackers now block users in the United States; and blocks users located in...
  12. thilina

    Privte trackers plz

    I have heard that by using private torrents u can get more speed.So give me the url's of some fast private trackers
  13. tango_cash

    what is the use of "TRACKER" in botcomet???

    hi i wanted to know what is the utility of BitComet Tracker.does it increase the speed of dwnlod.if so then should i install trackers from other sites also.will it help.also pls tell me how to use this tracker.
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