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  1. amruth kiran

    Suggestions for a PS3 model.

    HEY GUYS! It is that time of the year when exams are upon us and we gotta bribe our parents for a little toy we want :wink: ,strictly speaking of course, the toy being a PS3 (not Xbox). Its simple really, I NEED A PS3 and i feel the 12GB would suffice for me to play GTA V/FIFA ,I wont be...
  2. M


    Hi guys i have read some where that tumbler that BATMAN uses in movie is available as toy model with detachable BATPOD! have u seen it anywhere in mumbai toy stores? i think the manufacturer is mattel or funskool.pls reply .thanks .
  3. F

    I got a PSP...Yayyy!!!...waitaminit...wtf???

    My wife gifted me a PSP S&L... honestly! So far so good. I bought Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 to play and the PSP forced me to update the firmware to 4.01 (it was on the UMD) before it would run the game. Me being the dumbass... i said sure...why not? Now I discover there is a world of great...
  4. N

    Where in india can i buy this toy?

    Title says it all -- http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/ProductsByBrand.htm?BR=863&ID=21030
  5. A

    E50 versus L9

    Guys... PLease help me choose between MOTOSLVR L9 and Nokia E50 E50 has hell lot of applications but not FM ( ya i knw its buzness toy) and SLVR has limited applications, it has Fm and 2MP cam... Help.....
  6. sid_ashok

    Make My HDD New

    I freind had a 40 GB HDD which had many errors. One entire partion is currupted. His brother baught 80 GB new HDD. Now this 40 GB HDD is our new TOY. How to make it somewhat new so that we can use it to store our Data. How to format it to make it new?
  7. N

    Where do these Debian codenames come from?

    So far they have been characters taken from the movie "Toy Story" by Pixar. buzz (Buzz Lightyear) was the spaceman, rex was the tyrannosaurus, bo (Bo Peep) was the girl who took care of the sheep, hamm was the piggy bank, slink (Slinky Dog (R)) was the toy dog, potato was, of...
  8. vandit

    suse installation blues

    Recently I burnt a suse linux cd from the past digit DVDs . Can anyone suggest how do I use it . It does not run like a live Cd nor do I find the setup. please help otherwise I will use it like a toy.
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