1. A

    Hp 15- r205tu laptop display low contrast and bluish tint

    I have recently purchased Hp 15-r205tu laptop. It's my first laptop.I find the laptop display annoying, it had less contrast and a slight bluish tint to it , its like the blue back light drowning the whole screen ( red's in my laptop looks purple in color) .I have heard cheap LED tn laptop...
  2. P

    Bluish tint on HP laptop screen?? :O

    Hello guys, I own the HP PAVILION 15-E009TU notebook. It is just 10 months old. I had some grey lines in the LCD screen few days ago and called hp for warranty replacement. a technician came and replaced the LCD screen with a new one. However the new screen has a sort of Blue tint the...
  3. Omi

    SGSII Display Problem

    I recently had my display replaced due to the yellowish tint and now today when I got my mobile the yellowish tint was not visible in this display But this display looks like the colors are washed, the display feels inferior to what my original was. Now the catch is will they change it again...
  4. M

    CRT Monitor issue..help needed plz!!

    Hi...i have LG17'' Flatron E700SH which is five year old..2 days back when i was browsing net suddenly the screen went yellowish tint which is very iritating to eyes...Why is it so??is it nearing its end??plz reply...thanks in advance....
  5. linardni

    Multicoloured (rainbow like) tint

    My PC running Win 98 shows multicoloured (rainbow like) tint around the edges.Please suggest what to do?
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