1. N

    Window AC timer getting reset after power outage

    Hello everybody, this is my first post on the forum. Recently I bought voltas windows ac (Deluxe-3star). We are using mostly in night time and setting timer off by 2am. But sometimes what I observed is, timer setting getting resetted because of power outage and AC keep on running past the...
  2. RBX

    Q: JS: Change Image using Timer

    I want to change the source of an image constantly using javascript. I know the algorithm but am not familiar with javascript. What I want is to set a timer of about 2000ms which calls the function of changing the state. Each state has a definite image source associated with it and when the...
  3. ayush_chh

    Google's New Year Countdown Timer

    hi just goto google.com and without typing anything in the textbox click on "i 'm feeling lucky".... you will see a countdown timer....for the year 2010...:smile: i found it accidently today and then googled for it..;) source...
  4. arpanmukherjee1

    burnout Rages

    hello people, i am not able to complete burnout paradise road rules. all showtimes are complete but when i race for rule time there is no timer on top... any one who has a solution?????? plz suggest any thing (game file modification etc...)
  5. ajaybc

    Call Timer For Nokia N73 please

    Does anyone know how to enable in call timer in Nokia n73? Do i need to download some software for it?
  6. S

    error installing Fedora 9 LINUX

    when I choose installation of Fedora core 9 i encounter following errors:- MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC ...Trying to setup timer (IRQo) through the 8259A....failed ...trying to setup timer as virtual wire IRQ ....failed ...Trying to setup timer as ExtInt IRQ ....failed...
  7. R

    Need Advise

    I have Intel DG33 FB mobo with intel quad 6600 processor, 2 gb ram and 8400 gs 512 card. Can I overclock my computer ?:confused: And In bios setting I see an option PIC LATENCY TIMER which is set as 32. what it is ? can i increse the value of it ?? :confused: :(
  8. G

    problem installing fedora,ubuntu

    Hi friends.. I'm not able to install UBUNTU 64 bit and FEDORA 7 on my "AMD athlon x2 64 4200+" and motherboard "ASUS M2N8-VMX" i m new to linux world......plz help me out...........while installing following msg comes ..MP-BIOS BUG:8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC ...trying to set up...
  9. heartripple

    I am not able to intall UBUNTU version 5.10

    Hi guys i am trying to install UBUNTU version 5.10 but i getting an error. My PC cofigration is : AMD ATHLON 64 x 2 4200 ASUS M2N-MX 1 GB DDR 2 667 Mhz 320 GB WESTERN DIGITAL HDD SONY DRU 170 AW DVD writer When i tried to insatll UBUNTU i got following error - [4294667.322000]...
  10. X

    How to bypass the timer in rapidshare

    He dudes ... I want to know how to bypass the timer which counts down while downloading a file in rapidshare.com ..:mad: I m not talking about the change ip thing... I am talking about that 2.3 minutes or soemthing ...timer
  11. morpheusv6

    Vista Release

    MS Vista is slated for release aproximately on Feb.2 , 2007 or Feb 2007 1st week. Check out the timer at: *windowsvistablog.com/ The Vista Gadget side bar is downloadable at: *www.livegadgets.net/#blog_00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001
  12. I

    software for automatic shutdown timer

    is there any software that will allow to set a timer for pc to shutdown after x no. of hrs after it has been started on? like allowing a kid only a couple of hrs of gaming on the pc when parents are not at home and after that the pc should shut down automatically. is it possible?
  13. rollcage

    Buying New UPS & a tv tuner .. !!

    Hi Guyz I have APC AVR-500 now .. purchased in 2000, but its givin some problems .. changed the battery still not workin properly. So .. I think its better to take a new one now (My config: AMD Athlon64 2800+, 768MB Ram, ASUS K8N, geforce5200, 15"monitor) 1. APC 500va is coming under 2k...
  14. D

    need an online timer

    i need a freeware which will keep record of time i have surfed the net and costs
  15. spironox

    SOS ....Windows Xp professional Error

    i got my pc installed with win Xp but frm the first day itself i get the error i get the LSA SHELL (Export version ) error in my win xp after this there is a count down timer for 60 sec and the pc shuts down plllz help (this error comes mostly after internet connection!!!!) help...
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