1. sam_738844

    Blizzard To Consider New Warcraft RTS

    Blizzard just threw a glimmer of hope to those fans still rooting for a new Warcraft RTS. Speaking with IGN at Gamescom 2015 last week, Producer Tim Morten (who is currently working on Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void) said Read more: Blizzard To Consider New Warcraft RTS Once Starcraft II...
  2. M

    CPU heating issue

    I have just changed my MoBo (as in my signature). I had to remove and re-install the processor (for obvious reason) and I used Cooler Master X1 Extreme Fusion as TIM. But I found that the temp. of the processor always remained at mid-40s to mid-50s centigrade - even in this winter. Under load...
  3. CommanderShawnzer

    help regarding reapplying Thermal paste on processor

    my Laptop has been overheating A LOT(config in sigg) so i have decided to open it up and clean the insides and re-apply thermal paste(fan works properly) i found this "service manual" which shows how to open the laptop in question so how should i go about it?there are unecessary things which...
  4. Revolution

    [Want to Buy] Thermal Paste Locally(Kolkata)

    Hi, I need tiny amount of TIM and Liquid(to remove old TIM). I can't spent 1K for an old CPU. Do anyone selling his/her excess TIM ? My current temp of C2D is 50C(without load) & 75C(with load and fan become very noisy). Thanks!
  5. R

    Online Shop : TIM

    hello all , Can any suggest me a online shop which sells TIM Big package [like Big syringe so i can apply to Many PC's [~20+] and dont need High Performance TIMS [but its oke] I tried following website smcinternational Flipkart it wares but couldn't find TIM in big package ...
  6. koolent

    Cleaning the Cabinet and Re-Assembly..

    Hi, Guys I am gonna demonstrate how to clean up you full cabinet to get any hiding dust out and then cleaning the TIM and definitely Re-Application. In a really short while. I have ordered my TIM just now, might take some time to reach (maybe 4-5 days), until then all we can do is wait.. :)
  7. avichandana20000

    [Want to Buy] TIM

    Want to buy TIM or Thermal Paste. Good products like Arctic MX-2/MX-4.(unused sealed pack) Budget. Rs.300
  8. saz

    Tuniq MX3/ Tuniq MX4/ Arctic Silver Matrix/ ARCTIC MX-2/ ARCTIC MX-4

    Hi All, Need to buy any of the mentioned TIM (Thermal Interface Material) as I am unable to find them locally and most of them are currently 'Out of Stock'. I need a good amount of TIM as I would use it for a couple of CPUs. Would pay price depending upon the current market price and amount...
  9. avichandana20000

    Two options

    Two options: 1)reapplying best TIM in old stock HSF 2)bought new HSF altogether with supplied TIM (refer my SIGGY) Suggest which one to choose for idle temp below 40 and fullload below 56? I only do massive browsing and torrent downloading, moderate gaming and heavily watch HD OR...
  10. The Sorcerer

    Gigabyte India Conference 2011 in Mumbai Videos

    LKxXQKX_QTI *www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKxXQKX_QTI Part 1 8GIcQrZt3-I *www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GIcQrZt3-I Part 2 [LEFT]Also, we had an interview with Tim Handley and well let's just say he really did give an info about the OMG ATX form factor that no1 knew about it until now...
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