1. Zangetsu

    LeEco Set to Enter Indian Television Market today

    Chinese electronics and content company LeEco has sent invites for a launch event in New Delhi on Thursday, where it is expected to unveil its range of Super TV televisions in India. Source : LeEco Set to Enter Indian Television Market on Thursday | NDTV
  2. Desmond

    NASA officially announces manned mission to Mars.

    Source: NASA's Orion Test Flight Gets Us Closer to Mars - Businessweek
  3. Cyberghost

    Israeli Army Twitter Account Briefly ‘Compromised’ on Thursday

    Hackers posted a bogus announcement of a rocket strike against Israel’s Dimona reactor and a possible nuclear leak on a Twitter account used by the Israeli military, which said on Friday it was combating such cyber attacks. Read More : Israeli Army Twitter Account Briefly ‘Compromised’ on...
  4. G

    Can I use a local PSU with my config without the GPU?

    my psu got burnt because of voltage fluctuations and it is getting replaced under warranty but they keep delaying and i am not getting the new PSU until can i use local Rs.500 PSU till then by removing the GPU? my config is in my siggy...also i dont have a UPS as of now...will...
  5. expertno.1

    Bangaloreans Help Me !

    Where to buy Acer 5740G with this config :- ATI mobility radeon 5650 gpu , core i5 , 4gbddr3,500gb hdd , etc . in Bangalore , i am new here so i donno where to go and search for . EDIT :- Getting this on thursday , paid rs10000 advance . but the dealer is trying to get this on tuesday...
  6. K

    How to make excel format Day,Month,Date,Year- this order

    Dear All, I have a spreadsheet with a single columns of dates I would like to sort by the order as they appear in the calder with out loosing the current format of Day, Month, Date den year. eg :- (Below is the data i have ) Friday, October 06, 2006 Friday, October 13, 2006 Friday, October...
  7. Cool G5

    ThinkDigit Mumbai Meetup

    We(Me and Gautam) are thinking of meeting up this week. The day is still not decided, but rest assured the meet will take place between thursday to saturday. So all Mumbaiikars who are free can join us. Let's discuss the Mumbai Meetup :)
  8. R

    Suggest me a Desktop {Max Rs.55,000}

    Please suggest me a desktop config that should not cross 55k....It can reach 55k Primary Purpose is gaming and video encoding... I am planning to buy it this thursday @ Hyd.. Forget UPS,Keyboard,Mouse and Speakers...I have them Urgent...PLease help.......
  9. M

    SC asks Govt to introduce Do-Call Register

    More :arrow: The Economic Times More :arrow: Telecom Wave More :arrow: The Times of India
  10. N

    Nvidia and Via to announce partnership

    Computex 08: Thursday for a new Platform Nvidia and VIA are going to announce on Thursday that from now on they will be in bed together, with a mighty goal to survive against Intel. This marriage of convenience will be announced on Thursday and Via will tell the world that Nvidia prepares a...
  11. devil_me

    apple launches new macbook pro quietly

    Apple launched an upgraded line of 13-inch MacBook notebook computers on Thursday by quietly posting their availability in its online store. *
  12. A

    Days in office

    i work in ms office 2000, amd i wanted to know that how can i change the format of my dates so that it appears along with the day. for eg when i would enter 10/19/2006 (October 19, 2006) in a cell in excel, it should display Thursday, 19 October, 2006 or something like that, i am only concerned...
  13. kumarmohit

    Microsoft's Windows One Care set for official debut

    Microsoft plans to start selling Windows OneCare Live on Thursday, three years after it announced its intent to move into the antivirus arena. OneCare combines antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall software with backup features and several tune-up tools for Windows PCs. The product will be...
  14. K

    The Era of Next Generation Gaming begins May 12

    This was 1 news I got trou mail. Introducing Microsoft’s Next Generation Xbox Over the next few days, Microsoft’s Next Generation Xbox will be introduced to the world. Gamers will get the first official look at the new console, and learn about the Xbox vision for the next...
  15. Sourabh

    MTV Ad for the Xbox 360 Unveiling

    MTV Ad for the Xbox 360 Unveiling An MTV ad for the unveiling of the Xbox 360 has just appeared online, watch it here. Notice the newly-revised Xbox logo… “A momentous event is coming to MTV… An unveiling, a revelation that will change entertainment forever. Witness it for the first...
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