help to identify an old song

    does any body know this song is in which film?? "kisi ki muskurahatom pe ho nisan kisi ki derd milsake tho le udhar kisi ki vasthey ho therae dil me pyaar jeena isi ka naam hai"
  2. blademast3r

    Any good korean style free mmorpg??

    hey guys cud u suggest me ne good korean stule free mmo?? shud be pretty low on sys requirments...a bit betta than ragnarok tho....i tried silkroad but its kinda too laggy and crowded....
  3. K

    FS: Dell inspiron e1505

    Also called Dell inspiron 6400 1 yr old Config:- Intel Centrino DUO T2500 @ 2GHZ (667 Mhz FSB , 2MB L2 Cache) 120 GB Hdd 1 GB Ram Graphics - Ati mobility radeon x1400 - 256 mb WSXGA Screen (1680 x 1050 pixels) [Almost FULL HD] DVD Burner Wi-fi 802.11 g/b/a Internal Bluetooth will also...
  4. Rollercoaster

    Little help with IIS on local PC please( conn)

    hi guys I have been learning earlier while coding the site was hosted by the inbuilt local server. now i have been experimenting with IIS. After a lot of headaches I have setup IIS and it works smoothly local. but the problem is that remote PCs cant connect to my website. I am...
  5. djmykey

    Shud I learn Linux ??

    Now I am a good and u can call me a rather Super User of Windows (coz basically I have finished my MCSE 2003 :D) So where was I, yes, I have tried my hand at Linux a lots of times. Had installed RH Fedora 1, then SuSe 9.1, currently I have Slackware 10.1 on my hdd and believe me tho I have...
  6. a_medico

    Softwares you frequently use

    Softwares i frequently use :- zonealarm - the only firewall i trust ... tho i never use antivirus/anti spyware ... i'd rather format my comp once in 3 mons than using these and slowing my comp. i dont have vvv imp data on my comp tho...i always believe in taking backup. i did find...
  7. xpabhi

    6600GT woos..... :(( HELP!!!

    Hello evrybody...... i got some serious trouble here....... care to help me? i recently assembled a gaming rig Athlon 64 3000+ socket 939 MSI RS480 (ati chipset) motherboard 512 + 256mb ddr 400 Zion ram 80GB SATA hdd XFX GeForce 6600GT 128mb ddr3 onboard(driver ver 6.6) 350W smps...
  8. C

    Java Programmers, help!!!!

    guyz, can someone please tellme how to print this on screen using java applets??? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * i didnt gettit tho i tried :(
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