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    Graphic Card Heating Problem

    Hi, I have a SPARKLE Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT 1GB DDR2 graphics card. I know its quite old. But it is enough for my needs. It was working fine till now. But now it has started to Heat a lot. The temperatures reach enough that it shuts down itself. When I monitored, the temperatures were near 60C...
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    Need Thermal Paste for CPU/GPU in Delhi NCR

    I am urgently looking for good quality new/used Thermal paste like arctic silver, cooler master, deep cool, noctua, IC diamond etc. in Delhi NCR region. I am not able to find in local shops, don't have time to go Nehru Place. Just few grams would be enough.
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    Desktop powers off few minutes after start

    I have an old desktop with AMD-Athlon X2 processor and ASUS M2NPV VM motherboard.Since yesterday afternoon when I switch it on , it boots properly and works fine for few minutes and then powers off. A week back I added 1 GB RAM (total 2 GB RAM now)and cleaned up thermal paste and applied once...
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    Fix laptop overheating problems with a little DIY spirit!

    I used to have overheating problems on my laptop and it'd hibernate after 10mins of gameplay. But after some basic surgery and blowing lots of dust, it is working fine. Now you could go to a service center for this but that's not how we do things at thinkdigit, right? 8-) Learn how to fix...
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    Dell XPS L50X Heating issues

    Hello People! A few Friends of Me and I own a Dell L50X each, and We have been facing heating issues with the same. To give You an e.g., a laptop was cooled in freezer (wrapped in plastic) for about 10 minutes, but still when it was booted up, the cores touched 100c after a few minutes on being...
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    Regarding CPU Cooler and Thermal Grease

    Hello, It's about Thermal Grease for my CPU. I got the computer a 3 years ago and it is running with no issues. But for a few months it is hanging frequently. So I have applied thermal grease purchased in the local market. It worked well at start and I had no issues for 10 days. Later, it...
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