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  1. mediator

    Indian Mujahideen wanted to nuke Surat, Yasin Bhatkal tells cops

    Indian Mujahideen wanted to nuke Surat, Yasin Bhatkal tells cops - The Times of India Meanwhile, Indian Mujahiddin Terrorist Yasin Bhatkal Supporter Kamal Farooqi is likely to join AAP soon. I wonder why Indian Media is silent on Prashant Bhushan's remarks on Kashmir to be separated, Army...
  2. VarDOS

    Needed Help!

    Hi Friends, Its the time of my schools annual social gathering, and the teachers from our skool, have selected me to edit the songs, so guys i needed your help in finding some sound effects. I want the sound effects of [Chopping a tree with an axe and then falling it, a good background music...
  3. vivekkanu

    75% [InDiAnS] helping TALIBAN and D Company .....

    yesterday i saw on news that according to some US agencies... taliban and D Company are organising funds via selling pirated DVDs and CDs in India...........:shock: Now let me say...................... in 21ths century, atleast ~80% indians own a cd or dvd drives and a tv...
  4. NucleusKore

    Indian Muslims condemn terrorism

    I think this is very welcome.......... "A conference attended by thousands of Muslim clerics, scholars and community leaders in India has endorsed a religious ruling against terrorism." http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7719059.stm
  5. iMav

    is blaming islam correct

    i got this mail today and hought it was worth sharing ... it does give rise to a bigger question and that is islam to be blamed for terrorism?
  6. sysfilez

    Terrorism, wat is it?

    Give ur opinions on terrorism. Why terrorism exist? Wat makes terrorist? N all.
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