1. avichandana20000

    Teamviewer authentication failed

    I am trying to connect to a LAPTOP which is in Bangladesh through TEAMVIEWER 9. After giving ID and PASWORD it shows "authenticating" and then after a minute it shows "authentication rejected". we are both having same version of teamviewer what is the reason?
  2. P

    How to copy Data from Desktop PC [no display] to External HDD or to another laptop?

    I have an old PC with a VGA port with a damaged display ..The PC is booting up & working normally...I have decided to sell off my old PC ..I need to copy data from 80 GB HDD inside & wipe it off... Is there any possibility to copy data without using any external HDD closure? I do have a...
  3. win32.tr0jan

    PC Screen on Android Tablet

    Is there any app for Android that can show PC screen to Android phone or tab? I found TeamViewer, but is there any app that can connect the devices in offline? ie using USB, Bluetooth or anything? Or does the speed of the internet affect the TeamViewer performance? The primary purpose is to...
  4. A

    Need help cracking Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor!!

    hey guyz, i downloaded this game off the torrents and i have GREAT ( i really mean GREAT ) difficulties cracking this game, i cracked it once, but after the next PC restart, it wont run, anyone who can help can please help via teamviewer, and can take anything u want from my massive...
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