1. A

    Water Purifier suggestion

    need new water purifier tap water tds is 68 please suggest
  2. theserpent

    Google I/O 2015-ANDROID M

    Best feature - now on tap rip shazam etc - - - Updated - - - Google photos - unlimited storage
  3. ajayritik

    Need cheapest product available for tap faucet purifier

    I need some decent water purifier that can be fitted to the tap/facuet. Main purpose would be to remove dust particles and other visible particles. The tap water we get seem to have some dust particles or other particles. The primary purpose may be to use for bath and cleaning essential things...
  4. R

    Nokia's 'Amber' Update enables FM Radio Functionality To Windows Phone 8

    Nokia Lumia gets update to enable FM radio and double tap to unlock. Here is the report > *www.techtree.com/content/news/3708/nokia-amber-update-restore-fm-radio-functionality-wp8.html#.UZTmnEqfz1A Great News. :razz:
  5. CommanderShawnzer

    [URGENT ]HTC Sync crashes after connecting to HTC Explorer

    Well here's the problem 1. start HTC Sync 2.Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable 3.When my phone prompts me to choose a type of USB connection, tap HTC Sync, and then i tap Done now when the phone succesfully connects i get a glimpse of the "device setup screen" and then...
  6. A

    Suggest a name for my iphone related website

    Hi everyone, I am starting a new website(more of a blog) related to iphone. I’m also wishing to start a “micro brand” blog/list that sends out daily e--mails containing curated news, tips, tricks, products, reviews, app recommendations, … Please come up with a very remember able, catchy...
  7. RBX

    HCL ME AE1V2130-X vs Dell T540701IN8

    Required for long duration works. The tasks may include anything from heavy graphics and gaming to web designing. EDIT: I'd prefer that function keys can be used with single tap at most instances if not always. I'll also be using it for transferring data (dl/ul using torrents) while sleeping...
  8. A

    CitiBank Tap n Pay Service with Nokia 6212c - need suggestion

    Guys go through this link *www.online.citibank.co.in/mobile/tap.htm and you will get details. Today I was called up by Citibank guys as I got their account and vodafone connection. They are offering nokia 6212c(one of the very few fones which has mobile wallet facility or NFC, one of...
  9. abhinandh

    how to disable screensaver while using joystick in linux games

    using ubuntu fiesty.its very annoying to move mouse or tap a key in middle of games.(frozen bubble especially)
  10. patkim

    Flicker on Monitor - Only if tapped

    I have an old 14” CRT Monitor, > 5 years. Now when I turn on the PC, any slight tapping around the table etc results into a short flicker on monitor. As such the flicker happens only if I tap the table or casing on the monitor..otherwise there’s no flicker as such. Also it stops after some...
  11. Z

    help needed in god of war

    hi ppl i am stuck at point where kratos battles 3 hydra. ihave killed 2 small hydra how to kill bigger one?as when O sign appears even when i tap it hydra breaks through and O sign vanishes . he pulls me towards post and i lose my health. pls tell me what to do? thanks.
  12. K


    I am using Window XP Home Edition (with Service Pack 2). Whenever I am working with Word or Internet Explorer or Media Player and closing them one by one or separately, there comes a dialog Box named END PROGRAM that has its message with two Taps, one is for END PROGRAM and another is for...
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