1. Liverpool_fan

    Recommendations for Domain Registrar

    Hi there Can you guys recommend me a good domain registrar with which I can change advanced entries manually like CNAME, etc. The thing is I want to point the main subdomain one place, another subdomain to DynDNS and another to perhaps an FTP host. Those hosting packages + domains is not an...
  2. narangz

    Suggest a subdomain name for blog.

    Hi guys, I need your suggestions for the subdomain for my blog. It's gonna be technology related(mostly computing). So suggest keeping that in mind. It shouldn't be blog.****.com or anything like that. Suggest anything which is related. Thank you :)
  3. sridatta

    How to find Domain URL of a Sub Domain

    hello frenz.... Can we convert the sub-domain path URL to Domain Path URL.. suppose say, * is the subdomain. The folder path for that subdomain is /images/main , then the Domain Path will be * This is possible if i know the folder...
  4. eagle_y2j

    Goin Website starting but confused plz help?

    I m goin to start my new site soon on a free web host nd there i m getting free subdomain but I m confused a little bit plz do lit a lamp for me to get out of tis confusion------ 1. Can i buy a domain name of my own nd use instead of free subdomain name? If yes can i use same domain name if...
  5. S

    web hosting

    hi im a freelance web-multimedia designer. pl guide me a indian webhosting provider with low/moderate prices and offering addons like url forwarding, subdomain etc at a low price and good service.
  6. C

    Set up subdomains

    I have got a free hosting account at Hyspex.I also have a .tk domain name.I created a subdomain at Hyspex for my blog.Now I want to create a subdomain such that will point to my site while will point to my hyspex subdomain.
  7. C


    Can i use adsense on my blog.I have opened my blog at as a subdomain.
  8. - Snake -

    Best and Free PHP/MYSQL subdomain Web Hosting

    Hi guys! Do ya want a website that supports PHP / MYSQL with a subdomain of your choice..... Then check out Easyhost4all It is a new webhosting site(though they arew not new to webhosting industry), So, you people should not have any problem in getting a subdomain of your choice and yes...
  9. Deep

    Setting up Storefront for Directi

    If you have purchased domain reseller account with directi and wondering how to make subdomain with directi domain control panel then this will help you. Let me explain in few simple step.. Directi Part: First, Log on to your directi resller account panel From menu on the top - Go to...
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