1. anarchy0x

    Need a mobile with Stylus, DUal SIM & upgradable to Nougat

    Need a mobile with Stylus, upgradable to Nougat & Dual sim I've already made 2 posts about suggestions for buying a mobile but there was a change in my requirements, so I'm making another thread. My apologies in advance. I need a mobile with the following order of preference: 1. Stylus 2...
  2. R

    Hybrid laptop with stylus?

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 80000 (INR) (+5k if it is really worth it) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Netbook; 11" - 10” screen or less Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen minimum 11.6 and max...
  3. mikael_schiffer

    Xolo Tegra Note 7 - My First impressions (mini Review)

    Yo folks, my Xele togre Neto just arrived this afternoon. The packaging is pretty spartan.. just the charger , no earphone or extra stylus or screen wipe. Impression so far Build quality.. better than expected. I keep thinking its a Xolo product but its a full on nVidia product and the...
  4. B

    stylus slim tip

    hey guys i need help i am an artist who likes to draw on his ipad2 so i need a stylus with a slim tip, which will be availabe in nehru place delhi plz help
  5. Rollercoaster

    Where to buy Microsoft Surface Pro tablet?

    I want to purchase a tablet with Windows 8 Pro with stylus, Core i3 and above, detachable keyboard.. Here is a list.. List of Windows 8 and RT tablets and convertibles with stylus I am leaning towards Microsoft Surface pro but the availability etc problesm are there.. Do you guys know...
  6. Tenida

    Stylus for all capacitive touch phone devices

    Wanted to share a good quality stylus for all capacitive devices. amPen (TM) New Hybrid Stylus for iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, Nexus 7, Galaxy S 3 (Black) [in AM Retail Packing]: Cell Phones & Accessories It has got good reviews both in amazon and xda forum but...
  7. win32.tr0jan

    Android Tab with Stylus [ Under 12K ]

    Hi, Any suggestions for Android Tab ( any version ) with more than 7" display that has stylus with it? Brand doesnt matter,but should be available in India or to buy online ... Please suggest some ...
  8. rider

    Samsung Galaxy Note II While we can't say it was a shock, Samsung's latest superphone has arrived -- and it's got a new stylus. The Galaxy Note II pushes the screen frontier to 5.5 inches wide, with another HD Super AMOLED display, this time at 1,280 x 720...
  9. JojoTheDragon

    Tablet Suggestion

    Didn't find any questionnaire for tablet buying advice, so here goes nothing.:P 1) What size/formfactor do you prefer ? Don't care much about this. 2)What is your budget: Around 25k. 3)What brands do you like/hate ? Like: Apple, Samsung, Google, Asus Hate: Micromax and the...
  10. akash22

    Epson Stylus TX121

    I wanted to know how is this printer(Epson Stylus TX121 ) at this price range. guys do you have any other option at this price renge .am looking for just basic home usage and sometime for college colour assignments. so color prints will matter to me, so see guys that it should have good colour...
  11. S

    Windows Mobile 6 professional

    Hi. I have 2 PDAs. Asus P527 & HTC P3400i. I am looking for a keyboard software which can be used for inputting without stylus. Also can u suggest some website which offers freeware softwares. Thanks in advance.
  12. krishnandu.sarkar

    Epson Stylus C90

    Hiiiiiiiiii...............I want 2 buy a printer..............n after thinking a lot I decided to buy EPSON STYLUS C90................I need only B/W text any1 here review on this model???????
  13. P

    Help For Digital Camera ( Full List Included ) ??

    Hello friends, Need help to choose a Digital camera. Budget - Max of 13000/14000 (With 1/2 GB MemoryCards + Charger + Pouch) Requirement - Min 6 to 8 Megapixel Optical zoom - 3 to 6 X Good Battery backup Good service support & after sales in India. Can Record Video also, with TV out...
  14. N

    Cheapest Windows Mobile phone with a stylus?

    Which is the Cheapest Windows Mobile phone with a stylus? Either of WM5 or WM6 is ok.
  15. K

    Is nokia 6708 worth a buy??

    I hav a nokia 6681 and im plannin to switch over to nokia 6708.. Is there any good fone under 17k which comes with a stylus..?? nd i cudn find any threads related to nokia 6708..:confused: Is 6681 better than 6708??
  16. mobilegeek

    Decent Stylus(Light input device) req!

    Need a decent Stylus (light input device) . I think waccom ka aata hai i guess. One of my designer friend is looking for it but as cheap as possible. not to exceed 5K. He has scanned every little bit of pattern so with the help of stylus it will be a lot easier as he can draw the pattern...
  17. R

    problem wt an epson stylus printer

    hi guyz help needed urgently the problem is i have a epson stylus C41UX printer now the color catridge is over n it says thth printing isnt possible evn though te black ink is full....n i wanna take sm documents where black n white is only needed so plz help me immediately evn though i...
  18. lahratla

    specifying printer accessiblity to certain users in Windows

    I want to block printer access for all other user accounts except me ( the admistrator) on my computer. I use windows XP Pro and i use a Epson Stylus C20sx
  19. lahratla

    Disabling Printing

    How do I disable printing for the other accounts my PC has other than the administrator's account in Windows XP Pro?. My printer is Epson Stylus C20 SX.
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