1. mitraark

    LED Strip for PC cabinet lighting

    Just ordered a Corsair Air 240 B) Was planning to add some WHITELED Lighting on top and bottom of the window to show off mah rigz ( yes the i5 760, 8 GB HyperX and 750 ti B) ) Really want it to be white LED, but what I would really prefer is a remote control RGB system :) Theres a...
  2. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] PC LED Strip Blue 1 meter

    Hai, I want to buy any PC LED Strip Blue 1 meter which is DIY also. Please has it update me as soon as possible. Max I can pay is Rs.600 including shipping.
  3. harshilsharma63

    Using automobile LED strip in PC

    I want to know if we can use the LED strip available for use in automobiles in desktops. And suggestions for component safety and experience is helpful.
  4. A_ashish_A

    led strip

    hello mates :) i want to modify my cabby interior with some RED led light/strip (not fans). plz guide which led light or strip should i get?? and most importantly from where can i easily purchase it online?? Bumbbbbbb
  5. V

    Custom LED STRIP Case Mod

    Hi Friends, Check out my rig with my custom made led strip light MY RIG CONFIG
  6. ajayritik

    Suggestion on power strip

    Guys I need a power strip to connect my HDTV, Home Theater System and a DTH box. Can anyone suggest a good brand? I know Belkin is one of the options. But keeping in mind the above three electronic items can someone suggest a good brand make?
  7. M

    modding my cabinet with LED strip, nice and cheap look guarenteed

    hi there..:)) well this can be applied to any cabinet having a nice ground clearance, got the LED strip from SP road, Bangalore, 120/meter and 2 meters was sufficient , also requires some basic solder skills and may be a bit of patience and planning:)) places added LED strips, my cabinet, CM...
  8. B

    SilverStone TJ10 questions

    Hello, I just ordered a SilverStone TJ10. However, I am worried about a couple of things: 1. Does the curved pull-out handle for the slide-out motherboard tray cause obstruction while connecting a DVI monitor to the inner DVI port on a graphics card such as the Radeon HD6970? (It has 2...
  9. MAK

    Widescreen problem. . .

    My problem is that I have sum videos which are of 4:3 ratio and there is black strip at the top and bottom (I think they were reformatted from 16:9 to 4:3). . So i wish to remove this black strip at the top and bottom so that i these comes fully on my screen coz I have got widescreen monitor. ...
  10. RCuber

    Monitor Dead

    What a way to come back to TD....... My monitor is burnt :x I have a 17" LG Studioworks 700E monitor , I have a APC Back-UPS 500. I had connected the monitor via a power strip without surge supressor. There was low voltage for about 30 minutes .. The UPS battery was drained, when power came...
  11. M

    plz.. help .new TV problem..

    hello .guys..and gals(if any).. gt a new 29"TV LG.. but the picture qualoty is not good.. theres a white strip in the middle of the screen .. the picture is not good.. wht to do?? is the white strip runng across the tv ..bcz of cable problem or bcz of TV problm..
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