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  1. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on creating partition on new 2TB HDD WD Red

    I Recently bought a 2 TB Internal HDD from WD. Need suggestions on the partition I need to create. I intend to use this as the only HDD. I'm not sure about the existing HDD's that I have so want to use the new one as the one for both OS and storing Personal files, movies etc. What should be...
  2. $hadow

    buying 500 Gb ext HDD

    Looking to buy a ext hdd of 500gb. No idea regading brands never used any. Budget is anything around 3k. Basic purpose will be like sharing games and storing movies.
  3. R

    New Optical Drive

    Hi. I need new internal dvd writer and blank media(50-100 dvds) for long time photo/video storage. I will burn dvds and store them as backup of my backup drive. So generally will not use them for long after writing. Please suggest some optical drive and also mention which brand dvds are best for...
  4. v2kisad

    Need SSD buying advice

    I am planning to buy a 120/128 GB SSD from Amazon.co.uk. I will be primarily using it for storing VMware Image files.Please suggest which brand will be a good buy.
  5. bizzare_blue

    Storing contacts in memory card

    I have a Nokia 6600 and a Nokia 3230...Is it possible to store my contacts in the memory card instead of storing them in phone memory orSIM card? I tried Contacts manager but it just transfers a single file as a backup....and that's not wat I want....plz help...
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