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  1. ironfreak

    subtitles run ahead of video :(

    I downloaded TV serial 24. They are avi files each around 370mb compressed using Divx. But when I drag the subtitle file, the text runs ahead of video by 10-20 seconds. I tried subtitle files (.srt) from 7 different websites and same happens every time. Please help me. Whats the solution to this...
  2. sabret00the

    How to use .srt files or subtitles while playing a video or movie.

    Hi guys I'am yet to find out a way to see the subtitles using the .srt file that have downloaded with a video..please help..:cry:
  3. nil_3

    DivX Subtitles Query

    Are the DivX subtitle files(.srt) editable? I want to convert this into a .txt subtitle file. Also I want to join two .srt files into a single .srt file. Please name the process/software by which I can do that.
  4. drgrudge

    Need Help with subtitle file

    I got a movie with a subtile files. It's in the rar file, and after I extract, it's gets into another rar file. See the image: Upon raring the file, I get a .srt, but the file size is very high. It's 5mb! I have many such files, but dunno how to use them.., the .srt opens but shows...
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