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  1. powerstarprince

    Dead Pixel Issue

    It's been around 4-5 months since i have bought my asus n55 sf... And now i found 3 dead pixels on my screen... I think so bcoz they look like black spots whenever i turn on my laptop and don't go off even after cleaning the screen. Any thing i can do ?? to prevent these dark spots on my...
  2. T

    Cooling Fans Help!

    My System Config is in my signature. Motherboard has only 2 spots for connecting Cooling Fans. 1. CPU - Occupied. 2. System - Occupied with a Cheap ass Noisy Fan. Now There are no spots left to connect fan to mobo. VX450 still has plenty of open connectors but they are different that...
  3. U

    LCD MONITOR cleaning

    my first qn in TDF To all the forum members who are having LCD monitors how do u keep it clean from spots and scratches?
  4. ithehappy

    Black Spot on Dell Monitor, Any solve?

    Black Spots on Dell Monitor, Any solve? Some months back when plugging my Monitor a sharp edged thing caused a Black Spot, two actually on my Dell SP2208WFP Monitor. I am attaching a Picture of the Monitor, you will be able to see the spots. Now is there any way to remove this spots? I wanna...
  5. D

    Yellow spots on my monitor

    Anyone knows why there are yellow spots on my monitor,ie,before the computer boots when it will display xp --- ---- ---- ---- Almost like this(i think u understood).there i saw yellow markings on where its written xp(not much noticeable) and where...
  6. F

    Pro Tips By FxBOOM Part-II Image retouch

    Start by bringing any image to photoshop ( I used animals4.jpeg from digit june 2005 DVD ) I dont liked the four white spots on the image ( highlighted in red ) and I am going to remove it . Start by choosing stamp clone tool ( hotkey S ) press n HOld alt ANd click on image from where you...
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