1. jkultimate

    Gaming: Processor+motherboard under 10k

    Hi, guys please suggest a good processor and a compatible motherboard under 10K. Main purpose is gaming. I know this isn't a good budget for a gaming build, but its for my friend and he has only 10k to spent on those. So please suggest the combo. No matter AMD/INTEL Equipped with GTX750 GD5...
  2. sanoob.tv

    2 months searching for a headset|headphone,still no where.

    PLZ HELP THIS NOOB OUT.. Thats right:-x,i hav been searching for a new pair of headsets|headphones for 2 months.n my head is gonna explod soon.:-( well to be honest i havent spent above 150 rs for a headset till now:wink:.my last one was one by "bylogic" n its been killing my ears since.then i...
  3. Faun

    Where to spend 5k

    First let me list the things I don't need: Processor Motherboard PSU UPS Graphics Card RAM Internal HDD Monitor Speakers Mouse Cabinet Router Apart from that anything which will be within 5k (or a bit of slack around) and money well spent ?
  4. TheHumanBot

    Lets Count How Much Time You Spend on Your Computer

    MapleXP Maplexp is a free program which allows a user to find out the time he spends on his computer. More specifically, it allows a user to find out the time he has spent working on each project. This can be quite useful for programmers, artists, editors etc as it allows them to find out how...
  5. vamsi360

    Arch made easy!

    Installing arch is made simple by softpedia. It will make it simple but you dont enjoy your frustration installing arch. I too have spent 5 hours to install window managers,X.....but the wiki is really good.All the time is spent to read it carefully.First I was shocked not to see the GUI in...
  6. s18000rpm

    EA dominates #1 chart position throughout '06

    EA knows how to dominate the game market. :D :rolleyes: =>all game titles released for all machines, PC/console/mobile/psp... Source: GamesIndustry.biz
  7. P

    how much money have u spent?

    hello everyone i just wanna know how much money in total have u spent on purchasing original games(including pc , xbox , ps2 etc etc)? pls dont include the cost of pirated stuff? i.ve spent rs 17,500 , my last purchase was GTA san andreas
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