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  1. patkim

    Spectranet ISP & Public/Private IP assignment

    I have been using Spectranet Internet at Pune. One of the advantage I had with this ISP was that it was offering a Public IP to home users. But now they have switched to Private IP assignment for home customers. 10.x.x.x series. Just wondering if any other users on this forum availing same ISP...
  2. patkim

    Spectranet ISP - IP Allocation - Carrier grade NAT?

    I guess anyone using Spectranet Internet connection may be able to help me out here. Is the IP Address assigned by Spectranet to your computer or router (whatever is directly connected to ISP) same as WAN IP as seen from the Internet? Do you see the same IP when you visit sites like...
  3. patkim

    Have to make a choice between Voviinet & Spectranet

    Hi, I have to make a choice between Vovinet & Spectranet broadband. These are the only two operating in my building in Pune region. Both have received very poor reviews on public review forums. And both are demanding quarterly payments in advance! If there are any users of these ISPs on this...
  4. patkim

    Spectranet ISP - Seeking clarity about their setup

    Hi.. At present I am using Youbroadband internet connection in Pune. They offered shared modem such that the cable modem is in some common area in the building and only the LAN cable enters my house. I find it better as I don’t have to maintain and operate the modem inside my house. I am likely...
  5. A

    Spectranet Review East Delhi

    i am using spectranet 20 mbps unlimited for 1249 rs +Taxes 1. It is not for Torrent Users.u will not get good speed(20 mpbs) in torrents spectranet does not support it (it has not mentioned anything Regarding this on their websites) 2.some time it disconnect (mainly in nights)...
  6. S

    Spectranet to offer unlimited data with 100 mbps speed for Rs 1,200

    Source: Spectranet to offer unlimited data with 100 mbps speed for Rs 1,200 | ET Telecom Does anyone use Spectranet? Is there truly no datacap? Do they actually provide the advertised speeds? How is the uptime?
  7. nikhilsharma007nikx

    best internet in delhi

    i game a lot and i want a good internet i can get airtel, spectranet ,reliance (may be ) and yes MTNL MTNL service is just **** so airtel and spectranet art the oly options so which one 1mbps net should i get Airtel (pricey) vs Spectranet (personal reason!!) pls help me !!!
  8. M

    Which isp service i shd go for in delhi

    Hey i need unlimited plan within 1k.please help me out. Any ideas regarding tikona or spectranet.
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