1. P

    usb pen drive

    hi to all i m want to buy new usb pen drive 1GB tell me the best specification of that company, price best config
  2. J

    What is the current best specification?

    What is the current best specification?Accroding to you all.Post te details with price so that everyone will know it.Also I want to know which is the best ? :D
  3. T

    good DMP for office!!!

    hi, i just wanted to get the most reliable and roboust Dot Matrix Printer available in the market now. as our office relies mostly on printing, which comes too much for inkjets, i need to replace them totally for over all running cost. printer must have 132 col specification. my...
  4. jamesbond007

    Connect my DVD-ROM drive to my TV

    Can the DVD-ROM drive of my computer be used to play movies on my TV, I have seen some sockets at the back of my CD-ROM, DVD-ROM drives for power supply, ground etc. If this is possible please let me know how this can be done along with the specification of the extra harware if needed for this...
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