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  1. R

    5.1 Channel output from STB(Tata Sky)

    Hi All, I understand that the STB(HD version of Tata Sky) produces 5.1 channel output through either HDMI or SPDIF options. I desire to connect a 5.1 HT system to enjoy the digital audio of the various TV channels. Please guide me with a a good HT system availale within 15k range ( with a SPDIF...
  2. A_ashish_A


    sound card in my pc has a spdif jack but my 2.1 speaker system dont. so how can i connect my speakers with sound card via spdif?? do i need a reciever for this?
  3. V

    Z5500 coaxial connection?

    Hi, I have Z5500 speakers. It provides two options for connectivity. SPDIF and Coaxial connection. I couldn't find SPDIF cables. Any idea if these are available in Chroma/Reliance Digital or any place in Vashi/K.K. And I am not sure, whether my mobo supports coaxial. Can any one confirm...
  4. C

    F&D D-1061 5.1 speakers for pc and ps3

    Hi, Since few days i've been researching 2.1 and 5.1 setups to use with my pc and ps3 (by means of dual input). So after searching a lot i've come across desi brand F&D. They are offering quite inexpensive audio solutions as per reviewers and owners of the product. My budget is not much...
  5. E

    7.1 speakers with spdif under 7 k

    i am planning to get a 7.1 for my pc , mobo is abit ip 35 e this has a spdif out which speakers are best under 7 k with spidf and gives 7.1 sound almost on all audio ;) please help me :)
  6. gopz

    SPDIF card (ASUS) for motherboards

    I have this item for sale, it has never been used.I had bought this when I had my desktop around 1 year ago. Its a card which is compatible with motherboards that have an SPDIF connector (on the motherboard). It is used for connecting speakers which have SPDIF inputs or Optical I think...
  7. B

    SPDIF - What is it and how to use it if its present on a laptop?

    Hi friends just wanted to inquire what is spdif and how could it be used if already present like in mine (hp dv9339us) Thanx
  8. P

    Dell Laptop - Extra Cables (TV-out/Composite) ???

    Hey Can anyone tell me what are these 2 cables available with Dell laptop options ? Composite SPDIF Cable [+Rs 187.00] TV-out cable w/ SPDIF [+Rs 141.00] Whats use of both ?
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