1. sxyadii

    Need suggestion for RAM !!!

    Hello frnds, I want to buy new Corsair TWIN2x4096-8500C5 4GBKit (1066MHz) Can this RAM will support my P35 chipset mobo ASUS P5K Premium?? and most important question can you tell me where I can find these rams in New Delhi??plz reply TWIN2X4096-8500C5 Speed Rating - PC2-8500...
  2. shashanktyagi1

    how to keep pcs new?

    first of all ppl tell me whether hardware gets old, software gets corrupted, or pc just gets bored! cause even after formatting i dont get that original spd. my pc is four yrs old hcl beanstalk and without a single upgrade. except lan card and tv tuner card. and now its spd is terrible. even...
  3. V

    Wats an SPD error ???

    whenever i start the PC i get some SPD error DDR set to lowest frequency click any key to continue wats this geez ???
  4. H

    how to identify DDR400 RAM

    i recently purchased two 512MB RAM of Transcend DDR400. Now someone told me 400 in the term DDR400 stands for the frequency at which the RAM chips run is it true? If yes is there any wat to findout what is the Freq at which the RAM is running. Also i downloaded cpu-z and on the SPD page...
  5. F

    Error at booting time...

    The boot screen is looking as follows: ======================================= Intel (R) Pentium (R) III Processor 1.20 Ghz 256 MB system RAM Fixed Disk 0 : Samsung SV4012H ATAPI CDROM SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-35 Serial Presence Detect (SPD) device data missing or inconclusive...
  6. J

    Tweaking graphics cards

    Ive got a gigabyte radeon 9200se. I tried using software like powerstrip to tweak my gfx card but i dont experience any big performance gains. This card runs at about 200 mhz clock speed and 166 mhz memory speed. i tweaked it to abt 211 mhz engine speed a and 173 mhz mem spd. I also heard that...
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