1. T

    Dream League Soccer

    Anyone playing Dream League Soccer? I have been playing Dream League Soccer for more than four months.
  2. T

    Anyone palyed Dream League Soccer

    I am a big fan of soccer game. I found this game very attractive. I have been playing this one for more than two months. Anyone played Dream League Soccer?
  3. T

    Any Dream League Soccer Lover

    I am a big fan of Dream League Soccer. No one can beat my team. Because I have CR7, Messi, Suarez, Ibrahimovic, Neymar, Robeen, Hazard, Ramos, Nuear in my team.
  4. S

    About soccer games

    i played a lot of soccer games(including EA and Konami full series from 06 to 2010) but i saw a stunt based soccer games on ps3 and Xbox i want to know that such games also available on pc or not(like fifa street 3) please urgent eager to play in FIFA fever
  5. Baker

    reliable sites for order soccer jersey

    hi guys i wanna order Argentina soccer jersey , which are the reliable sites for ordering...... , and how much days it will take to get the product... and all the sites showing the price in dollars , if i order through my credit card , did they charge any extra money
  6. darklord_2007

    winning eleven pro evolution soccer 2007

    hey i have installed winning eleven pro evolution soccer installed fine. but i wanted nocd patch for the game .does anybody have it?:(
  7. techtronic

    Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 ships out

    Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced that its critically acclaimed, championship caliber soccer game -- Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 -- has shipped to retail stores nationwide. The long-standing series, a favorite of soccer fans around the world, makes its...
  8. iinfi

    is there any freeware soccer manager?

    i m not a regular in this section so plz excuse if this question was posted b4... i want a freeware soccer manager for my PC .... is it available ? :?:
  9. A

    will these games run on My PC

    Well will these games run on my pc with the confugration as follows: Celeron 2.0Ghz 256 MB RAM(will be 512 MB after 4 days :lol: ) Intel 845GV motherboard. Out of these which one shud work on my PC(i m planning to buy these games and bought some of them but didnt tried may be)...
  10. geek_rohit

    Club Football 2005

    Forget FIFA. Forget PES. Check out the Club Football 2005 range of Soccer games from Codemasters (The developers of the famous Colin McRae Rally). It has got individual titles for many of the famous soccer clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Madrid and many more. Also in the stores is...
  11. K

    Gamepad or Joystick?

    Hi All, I play NFS undergound, FIFA Soccer 2005, Unreal tournament 2004, Quake3, Bejweled, Motoracer, Nascar racing and MS Flight simulator. Does any joystick or Gamepad will support all these? Initially, i bought Loigtech ATTACK3 joystick. but,. it is very difficult to play...
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