1. rohitshakti2

    Not able to adjust Dish for DD Direct + channels

    Friends, I have recently installed a new dish for watching DD Direct Free channels. I have aliened the antenna (dish) at 93.5 degree using mobile apk satalite director. I could not take a snap of the dish but have noted it down and the same is replicated in the below snap. This is the looks...
  2. nikufellow

    Galaxy J7 good buy for 15k?

    Price : 15k Os : Android Brand :Sony,Samsung,LG,Moto,htc Use : Gaming,watching videos,decent camera So i've rounded in on J7 is it a good buy?How does it compare to G3? G3 has snap 410 but it looks like exynos 7580 in j7 beats even snap 615 in benchmarks so i am assuming it'll handle games...
  3. A

    Ricoh SP 100 Printer from SnapDeal

    Hi All, Lately I have been seeing many thread where it has been recommended to buy Ricoh SP 100 from either snap deal or shopping clues web site. Taking the suggestion and finding the deal to be good , I went ahead and bought the printer from Snap Deal. I have just opened this thread to make...
  4. Akshay

    Positive Experience iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 cases

    Products purchased: 1. Rock IP5-ETS-28238 Eternal Flip Leather Case for Apple iPhone 5 ( Black ) and 2. Amzer 93927 Diamond Lattice Snap on Shell Case - Light Pink for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 (this one was for my wife) URL - 1. Rock IP5-ETS-28238 Eternal Flip Leather Case for Apple:
  5. R

    Need Suggestion to buy compact Camera with budget of 25k?

    Hi All, I'm planning to buy a camera with in budget of 25k. I've browsed, saw lot of cameras & their reviews. End of my research what I've got is "Confusion". So I found this website finally & thought some one can help! Things I'm looking for: (In priority order) 1. Indoor low light...
  6. T

    Good and Noob proof Point and Shoot Camera underr 15k

    Hi First of all thanks I would like to thank Thinkdigit forum for your suggestions on Laptop and I'm really happy with my purchase Now I'm planning to buy a digital camera. I'm not that interested in Photography. I just want a camera which will click good snaps on powering on the camera. I...
  7. G

    [Complaint] Stay Away from Snap deal - Bitter Experience of buying an Asus X53 TA

    Hi Everyone I'm posting this from my other thread, hoping it benefits everyone and noone has to go through what I experienced; before placing the order with snap deal, I called them twice to confirm the X53 was in stock and they reassured me that it was in stock and I can go ahead and...
  8. TheMost

    MPC or MPC - HC ?

    Hello Guys , Currently i have k-lite and MPC and MPC HC in my Win7 64 bit I too have core AVC professional 2.5.5 I should open the 720p/1080Rip Files in MPC or MPC HC I am unable to Figure the difference .. Please help me out What will be the Best playback ( quality ) settings .. No...
  9. Gollum

    Swype for s60 v5 (the most amazing way to enter text on your phone)

    I thorought this was only available on android. Its available for download on softpedia. With this your default nokia qwerty key pad will be replaced by a new and better looking qwerty and mini qwerty keypad.I'm trying to attach a screen snap but my browser is not letting me do that. This is...
  10. T

    Post your mobile home screens

    Today I spend my evening in customizing the look of my nokia 5230, and after finishing the work... get enlighten with the idea to share the result with all of you please do share your mobile home screens here... I use "Best Screen Snap" to take the screen shot, its freeware... here is the...
  11. G

    1,474 MP image of Obama's inauguration

    Yep, you read that right. A photographer used Gigapan and his Canon G10 to click 220 panoramic images to create a stunning photograph. Here's a mid-level zoom: Head over to this link to view the entire image. Let's see if you can spot something that's extra-ordinary in the snap. For...
  12. aneesh kalra

    gpedit.msc not working

    I get the following message on typing gpedit.msc snap in failed to intialize snap in is not created or may not be installed properly
  13. hansraj

    what happened to my group policy

    Guys help me again.... now iam not able to run my group policy, its giving me a strange message in the management console which reads like this Snap in creation failed The Snap in is not created , it may not be installed properly Name: group policy object editor Clsid:{8fc0b67..........}
  14. Rollercoaster

    A decent tablet PC... But Which one?

    Hi guys.. i have finaly decided to buy a notebook and i am more inclined to buy a tablet pc. I have looked at some from Acer, Wipro, Fujitsu and HP-compaq My pocket is somewhere less then 60k Mostly i think a convertable apeals to me better.. but a Slate with a snap on ultra thin...
  15. V

    computer(win xp) starts dialing automatically

    i have got a wierd problem here. whenever i run some applications xp starts dialing my dialup connection even though i disabled it in options->connectios.. i tried editing the registry but they snap back to their original values. this problem doesn't occur in other user account.
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