1. A

    [Query] Dell Monitor Warranty

    I want to enquire about the warranty of Dell IN2020M LED Monitor which I recently bought from Letsbuy. On their website it states that the monitor has a warranty period of 3 years. Inside the packaging everything was chinese, even the warranty slip. I would like to know how to get warranty...
  2. Faun

    Apple lets unfortunate logo slip

    AN UNFORTUNATE LOGO which has somehow made it onto the Apple App Store appears to be a Freudian slip. Sauce: * :D
  3. speedyguy

    Post ur best ScreenShot...

    Ol guys lets see wat u've been thru ur game u playin...i mean, must have hv met wit lotsa action....lets c what u've been ur screenshots of some hot action scene in-game....if u have one...or if u can take one.... here im posting some of mine... EA Cricket 2005 - Zaheer...
  4. K

    Windows XP Slip Streaming with SP 2

    Hi people, I found this nice guide to Slip Streaming. As SP 2 is now HOT, thought you might be interested about it: * Well I haven't written this guide so don't worry it's a good one. :wink: BTW, I am now Digitized! :shock:
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