1. phuchungbhutia

    Trip to Kolkata

    We ll reach Kolkata in a short while . I have been here a couple of times but havent gone around places more than Esplanade and Victoria . . So please suggest where to go . For sight seeing and shopping , etc . I m with my wife .
  2. Faun

    Pervert or innocent ?

    Just look at the pic and see what it is at first sight :D
  3. jack_the_ripper

    Search before u post? DUH!

    hi guys, well im really getting irritated with the search thing here! few days back i just read an article about "Computer Desk and Chair" here on digit under QnA section... i found it interesting and decided to buy a chair with the specifications mentioned in the thread... i dint bookmark the...
  4. G

    i want a pci-graphics card

    hey i want a pci graphics card for gaming. since my mobo is old and upgrade is not in sight for a year. a second hand will do. i want geforce4 mx or higher
  5. N

    second sight

    i installed second sight started it viewed the cutscene but after it ends (when the actually game should start, it comes back to my desktop) i hav AMD 2000, 512mb ram, geforce2 32mb it is problem in the game or my system p.s. i think the game is really cool......
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