1. A

    PSU blown

    The PSU in my PC just blew up this morning when I tried to turn it on. There was a thick white smoke coming out of it. Just gave it to kaizen infoserve for RMA, guys are my other parts also gone? Or are they safe.. What could be the reason behind it exploding like this? Specs are mentioned in...
  2. B

    No Display !!!!

    Hi I was able to use the system without any problem till last night. Today morning when I started my pc the display wont come up, the monitor just flashes the amber light. The POST beep is heard but I feel there is a delay as compared to the normal times. I can hear the start up sound as well...
  3. doomgiver

    [poll] does my sig suck?

    is it really that bad? or just fine? <---- refer to this
  4. codename_romeo

    Portal Problem

    Last night i installed Portal n the installation went fine...... now when i want to play the game i jus get a white screen n nothing else....... my config is in my sig...... please help me guys
  5. xbonez

    i got a new signature

    hey guys, check out my new signature. i didn't make it myself, got it made by someone thank you butterfly babe for the wonderful sig
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