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  1. A

    men's shirt fabric query

    can anybody give me an online link to buy exactly the same shirt. i tried searching a lot couldn't find. or can anyone just tell me what this fabric called and the type of weaving?
  2. R2K

    Shoulder/Side bag or Backpack

    I am gonna replace my existing bag with a new one soon... I just need to carry a notepad, a 14.1in laptop, may be a shirt or two.. What kind of bag would be suitable for my needs...A backpack or a side/shoulder bag or which one do you guys prefer:-D
  3. IronCruz

    T shirt Design

    Hello. I'm looking for a software or any site where i can design a t shirt for my college. I need features like lots of colours, add text etc...Please suggest me soon...
  4. gary4gar

    Software For Daily Expenses management

    A software is wanted which could easily my daily expenses like petrol,canteen,mobiles,Girlfriends etc. Till now was using Tally, but its like Using Sword to sew a broken Button on shirt. Need a General Easy to use Package to help me with money management
  5. Cyrus_the_virus

    Microsoft battles Vista perception issues with $15,000 prize

    How much do you love Windows Vista? A little bit? Oh, not at all huh? Well what if you were offered the chance of winning an entertainment package worth $15,000 to spend 30 minutes of your precious time looking at why Windows Vista is just so damn fantastic? Ah…thought that might change things...
  6. Gigacore

    Villager averts rail disaster (1500 People Saved)

    CHIKMAGALUR, Karnataka: On this wintry Sunday morning, he ran on the tracks for over a kilometre waving his shirt and yelling. His death-defying act was rewarded when the Arsikere-Harihara passenger trundling along came to an abrupt halt near Ajjampura in this district. Over 1,500 passengers...
  7. iMav

    Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

    The Wi-Fi Detector shirt does everything you'd dream it could do: detect Wi-Fi signals and share them, via your chest, with the entire world. Spotting both 802.11b and 802.11g networks, signal strength is displayed in real time (big animated gif post-jump). After you are done broadcasting your...
  8. nithinks

    Help needed for my Tutorial

    I am planning to write one more video tutorial. For which I need Two video clips(10sec each). First, A person sitting on left corner of sofa with dark colored shirt and pant. And Second, Same person sitting on the right side of that sofa with dark colored shirt and pant (different color)...
  9. M


    Hi I have k700i .The problem occured is that few days ago when my cousin brother was mingling with cell he messed up somethings and since then the last few wallpapers like water ripples,winter etc have been replaced by a cartoon figure with red shirt with different facial expression for diff...
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