1. theserpent

    Post the best harlem shake videos here

    I guess we need a separate thread for the best Harlem shake videos you have seen
  2. tkin

    How do I damage a HDD intentionally?

    Don't laugh at the title, my Seagate HDD was showing replaced sector for a few months, they increase 1-2 every week, when it reached about 30 and crashed my OS twice/epic BSOD, caused data corruption(AC3 save game lost :() I took to to service who rejected it as it passed seagate check tool, now...
  3. fun2sh

    Earthquake in bangalore???

    Hey Bangaloreans!! Did any any1 feel shaking? We felt our office building shake ( in whitefield area). i think earthquake came. Yes, earthquake came.
  4. Pravas

    How 2 Install Fedora With Windows Xp(Dual Boot)

    Hi all I want to install Linux Fedora Core on a previously installed XP SP3 System Reason:-I am willing to have in my pc because i want install Shake 4. 1>Please help me with step by step instruction as i have never installed linux system other than Ubuntu.Help me with graphics dirvers and...
  5. shift

    w580 shake control

    the shake control mode on my Sony Ericsson w580 is not working ive read in other forum that it has to activated the shake control first by pressing Walkman Play Down Right Right Walkman but that too doesnt work. firmware is default ( i e, firmware not updated nor patched) Any other ideas????
  6. walkmanguru

    Shake Themes + Shake Tests on W910i - Motion Sensor at work download at
  7. dreams

    w580i Tips, Tricks, Upgrades, Mods etc.,

    Hi Guys..As requested by my frnd Infra I am creating this Xclusiv thread only 4 w580i. Pls Pls Pls do not request for any here. Suggestions, Reviews, Tricks, Tips, MODS are only strictly allowed. Sorry other SE users. FIRST - I bought a new w580i after using w300i. - Really...
  8. Ron

    How to rename the thread?

    Hey frens, i have post a thread name "Shake Your Browser"...... Now I want to rename it as "Javascript Codes"..... So how can i do this???
  9. H

    Msn Messenger 7 Feature preview

    MSN Messenger 7.0 Preview. _____________________________________________________________________ So, you wanted to know what is going to be in MSN Messenger 7? Well here it is! has revealed to us all what is expected to be in the next major release of the great MSN Messenger...
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