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  1. seamon

    Which is the best graphic card your local dealer sells?

    Mine is GT 610. :(
  2. N

    Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition

    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Hello, Anyone played this game ? Looks great to me. Purchased it for 1,082.52 including 65/- shipping from ebay. Flipkart sells it at 1400/- :| Any reviews of this game from fellow Digit members ?
  3. Artemis

    Thermal Paste for my stove...umm laptop

    My macbook's temperature reaches 100+ when I play DOTA. I am planning to buy Arctic Silver 5 3.5gm. Though I wanted to know the pricing of it in SP Road, Bangalore. From the online stores it seems Primeabgb sells it for INR 600 but from what I have heard it used to retail for 450-500. If...
  4. R

    Sapphire hd 7970 issues

    I had ordered sapphire 7970 dual x oc version from MD Computers,Kolkata 5 days back.I got my card today but found out that it was sapphire 7970 dual x non oc version. :( The oc version is listed at Rs 32.5 on flipkart and MDcomputers.in,i paid Rs 30.2k for this card.Called up the shop and told...
  5. @

    Where can I buy books at cheap / discounts in Mumbai & Hyderabad

    Next week I will be going to Hyderabad & after two days, probably to Mumbai. I like to know shop which sells books at reasonable rates & gives discount when bought in high amount. I could have ordered from HS18, Fk, eBay etc. But this week probably I will be roaming lot & also Fk, ebay...
  6. J

    [Want to Buy] Xbox 360

    I want to buy a XBOX 360. Any model (arcade, elite , slim etc) will suffice. Non modded consoles preferred. warranty not necessary. Also not interested in kinect. New slim 4GB console sells for 14300 at indiatimes. So price should be reasonable.
  7. utkarsh007


    Hey please help I want to buy a Dremel rotary tool I live in Agra and i have searched every where but its not available in India so tell me any shop in Agra that sells Dremel tools
  8. arijit4885

    Earphones Soundmagic Pl30

    My ep-630 cans just died on me and as replacements I've decided on any one among Soundmagic pl30 and sony mdr-ex35. However,I haven't been able to find any shop that sells soundmagic earphones. Could someone help?I need local shops and live in kolkata.
  9. soumya

    How Apple sells their products

    Source digg
  10. gaurav_indian

    Anyone sells paypal $$ here?

    Anyone sells paypal $$ here? I need around 50-60$. :) I will pay in Indian rupees.
  11. krates

    Best bluetooth enhancement for 3K

    I want to get myself a bluetooth headphone i was having my eyes on S9 but no one sells it separately so can't get it please suggest me some good stylish ones :D
  12. rhitwick

    Cown iAudio7 or A3??

    Hi guys help me decide b/w these two. I want a good mp3 player + video playback. Not interested in Apple. Also suggest some online shops from India who sells both of these. Found only futurebazaar.com which sells iAudio only. Thanx.
  13. A

    Can I trust Theitdepot ?

    Hi, I would like to buy Creative Inspire T6060.It costs Rs4235+950(Shipping charge) in the www.theitdepot.com site.Can I trust this online seller?.I am from kerala.This is my first online deal.Is there any other site which sells T6060?
  14. sourav123

    Buying Legitimate Software in Bangalore

    Hi, I want to purchase a few software like Kaspersky Antivirus and others. I don't want to buy from the internet. Does anybody know a place or shop in Bangalore which sells legitimate software.
  15. anandk

    AntiSpyware.com Sells for $550,000 !

    AntiSpyware.com sells for $550,000, ranks as one of the top domain name sales of 2006. Afternic has sold AntiSpyware.com for $550,000, making it one of the biggest domain name sales of 2006... http://domainnamewire.com/2006/12/29/antispywarecom-sells-for-550000/
  16. I

    CoolerMaster Hyper48

    Hi Guys, Need help finding this cooler for my P4 (CoolerMaster Hyper48). Know any specific shop in Lamington Rd. which sells this piece. Address.Tel. No would be of great help. Thanks
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