1. rohan

    Why are my torrents so slow?

    I use Azureus.. and sometimes.. the torrents i run are so slow.. despite the no. of seeders and leechers there may be in the swarm. this one torrent i'm downloading.. has around 187 seeders and 1048 leechers.. inspite of that i'm getting speeds like 7kbps and stuff. Whereas sometimes.. even...
  2. L

    This is insane!

    I don't know why but for some reason my torrent download are wreaked! For an instance a 5 mb file shouldn't take much time but flashget tells me like there's an hour or two left for the download to complete. I have a 512kbps cable connection and all of the torrent download no matter if i have 4...
  3. Simple_Graduate

    Seeders, leechers, peers?

    I've started using bittorrent and am confused about these terms: seeders, leechers, peers...different kinds of downloaders? There are numbers under them...and sometimes there are numbers in brackets also? Can someone explain this and also tell which one of these I am?
  4. tango_cash

    can i join two torrents which have same content?

    hi i am dwnloding a torrent which i has reached 99.6% but now there are no seeders and i am stuck. the same torrent is avalible on other sites and they have many seeders. 1. so is thee a way i can join the torrent of the other site with my 99.6% status?? 2. can i merge the new torrent with...
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