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  1. M

    Need Help in Ubuntu 12.04

    Hello Everyone.. I installed ubuntu 12.04 few days back.. I am facing lot of problem in it.. 1. am not able to play any sound track in it. :cry: 2. am not able to install tata photon + in it.. :shock: i have being searching all over the internet to find the solution. But never got a...
  2. bhutanesedude

    Downgrade Windows Vista to Windows XP (Research Program) Need Help

    Geek out there. Please help me to find a right solution on measures to downgrade Windows Vista to Windows XP. I tried searching as much as possible but it all suggests the same solutions which does not makes my assignment upto satisfactory. I would be very obliged if you all could give me some...
  3. Anindya

    Splitting problem.

    I had 2 clips of different sizes. Both r in DV format. I brought them together in Nero then exported them to make one file. Its ext is avi. Now i want to split the file into 2 equal halves. I tried few sw but none are satisfactory. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  4. we4net

    Motorola L7 Pc Suit

    Hi Iam a new user of Moto L7, Ihave many problems when i trying to connect pc, i tried many softwares to connect pc but all are not satisfactory, so friends please say where i get the pc suit for motorola L7
  5. MenTaLLyMenTaL

    Which AV will best suit my needs?

    I've read the Reviews, but am not able to decide which one to use. What I want in the AV: 1) Obviuosly a good protection from viruses, trojans, spyware etc 2) Least memory intensive 3) Should give option to disable it from a normal User account also (in XP) 4) Should give a detailed...
  6. R

    Best Proxy

    Which one is the best free proxy? I wanna run bout 25 pcs in a LAN.Currently I m using analoguex & freeproxy but none is satisfactory.
  7. ShekharPalash

    Slogger for Opera??

    Just googled @ max... result: 0 ; not satisfactory here's q: Is there something like Slogger for Opera??
  8. it_waaznt_me

    Free email services

    In this world where every service now going pay I thought about taking the Digit users opinion about the best free email services they use. I have included all those services that I have used and found satisfactory. If you have suggestions then please post them ..
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