1. pranjal.3029 Feeds and Tapatalk

    I am a RSS Junkie and hence had subscribed to's RSS Feeds channel( but since the url change and re-desgning into I can't find the link to feeds anywhere. Can someone please tell me the new url for rss or has digit team pull the plug on...
  2. Desmond

    RSS Chief : 'Women meant to do household chores'

    Source Video Well, Mr. Bhagwat, times have changed. Perhaps you should you should know that many women are CEOs and Managers in top notch companies.
  3. mohityadavx

    free cricket/football sms updates

    Hey I hope you must have heard Now the site offer RSS + sms combo for Indian user but i am able to get a new post update only via the site's rss feed like espncricinfo etc can anybody tell me how to take out the scorecard's rss feed so that I could get the update for free :D...
  4. A

    desktop RSS

    hi all ! which is the best Desktop RSS client ?
  5. sygeek

    Top Extensions/Add-ons you can't live without

    Here's mine list of top add-ons in Firefox:
  6. Garbage

    Share your (Google Reader) RSS feeds

    Hi, It seems many of us use RSS feeds. I personally use Google Reader to consume RSS. I was thinking if we can share RSS feeds, we might get some interesting new sources. I am attaching my (Google Reader) RSS feed sources here. Members can share their RSS feeds here.
  7. P

    Which is your favorite RSS Reader (Software) ?

    Friends, Which is your favorite RSS Reader software ? I really liked FeedDemon but recently FREE version became FeedDemon Lite which is missing so many features including offline reading/cache. Requirement Sync with Google Reader It would be great if the same reader has iPhone App...
  8. U

    Android Video Tutorials

    Here's a list of video tutorials related to Android that are hosted on uImbibe. Hope you find them useful Building a Android Mobile RSS Reader - Part 1 Building a Android Mobile RSS Reader - Part 2 Tutorial Index
  9. T

    RSS Feed: Get all the latest updates of your favourite sites in a single window.

    Hi, Every time you need some update, you have to open that particular website. And if there are multiple sites you wish to view, then the process is tiresome. This is where RSS feed comes to help. What is an RSS feed? It’s a way by which you can get information updates of the RSS subscribed...
  10. ssk_the_gr8

    web based feed reader

    guys.. i've been using opera mail for my rss feeds... now i want to move to a web based rss feed reader... tried google reader,netvibes didn't like it so any other suggestions?
  11. R

    Tips on using a RSS reader

    Hi i want to know which one among the several RSS readers is good.? I prefer text based interface like old opera versions. I searched for reviews online but not able to zero it up.. Any suggestions.?
  12. desiibond

    Creative launches Xfi 2 touch screen player ( 8GB: $130)

    Capacity: 8GB, 16GB & 32GB Dimensions: 102 x 57 x 11.6mm Weight : 75g A vibrant 3-inch TFT Touch Screen LCD with 262,000 color X-Fi Audio Enhancement Audio formats: MP3, WMA(DRM9), Audible4, AAC, FLAC Video / Audio Out: PAL or NTSC in stereo RSS: Display RSS content feeds offline (Sync via PC)...
  13. Pathik

    Send RSS Feeds to Your Blog Readers via SMS

    Via: * RSS feeds have traditionally been delivered using a RSS reader / browser or using email. But now, you can also send your Blog’s RSS feeds to subscribed users via SMS. This tutorial is specific to Indian users, but you...
  14. roxysmile

    why digitforum don't have RSS?

    when ever i try to RSS digit , it gives a error XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity Location: * Line Number 1, Column 2: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> i guess digit doesn't have RSS facilities...
  15. iMav

    Biggest Microsoft Feed Aggregator.

    Finally after spending after a whole day and a couple of days before, I proudly present to you one of Microsoft's biggest aggregator website. Featuring news, tricks and anything & everything Microsoft. Subscribe to 1 RSS feed and you shall be getting the latest happening in the world of...
  16. deadpulse

    Need RSS Reader

    I need a RSS Reader to put on my website to display latest News from the websites I will subscribe. I have feed on feeds reader you can find it here on which is free to use. I am looking for a different reader for website just to show Headlines of the news on my news page and...
  17. sam_1710

    Digit RSS feeds not working on Opear 9.27

    Digit RSS feeds not working on Opera 9.27 guys... Digit forum's RSS feeds are not working on my opera 9.27 anymore.. :mad: But mysteriously.. they work like a charm on my N95-8GB's default Web Browser... :x Note: other feeds do work properly.. :| bump... :( guys... no one knows y??
  18. R

    forum(rss)reader software required for remote reading

    I am looking for a software which can read various phpbb2 based forum remotely without going to the forum & can download the threads for remote off line reading. Its exactly the same as when you read a RSS feed, but for that rss feed should be installed for that forum, where as I want to read...
  19. the.kaushik

    How to get RSS feed for WordPress free

    I have a friend who registered a free blog with wordpress.He wanted to know how to get the RSS (atom etc) feed for Wordpress. I knew about blogspot but not about wordpress.. any idea?
  20. life31

    How can i implement RSS to my site????

    Ok i have a classified site up and running so what i wanted is to integrate RSS or XML (whatever) to it so that whenever a new add is posted it would get directly mailed to all the subscribed members. Something like which is used in blogs where you just need to enter your email and subscribe...
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