1. F

    How to connect DSL router and Telephone (BSNL) using black cable(w/o RJ11 cable) ?

    How to extend distance between DSL router and Telephone (BSNL) using black cable(w/o RJ11 cable) ? BSNL Landline comes via a black cable which goes into a box which has a RJ11 jack. Normally this would go to splitter, one for ADSL router and other for Telephone. But I want to keep Router on...
  2. S

    Any router that can work on RJ11 as well as RJ45 input?

    Hi, I need to buy a router. Is there any router that can work on RJ45 connections (DSL broadband) as well as RJ11 connections (RJ11 ADSL eg. BSNL) so that I won't need to buy another router if the connection type changes? Thanks.
  3. V

    Need a "Better" replacement for UTStarcom's UT-300R2 ADSL modem!!!

    Hello :) I got Reliance Landline broadband.. They provide me a cable that finally terminates into a RJ11 socket. As usual (as much i have seen) this RJ11 socket goes into this UT-300R2 ... I connect one end of mine RJ45 cable to that modem and other end to my Motherboard's LAN port. The...
  4. thetechfreak

    BSNL Internet

    I have a laptop with a LAN port and RJ11 Port... HOw to connect BSNL Broadband through LAN or RJ11 to use broadband?? Thanks in advance
  5. A

    Networking Issue

    Networking Issue Didnt know where to post so sorry if its a wrong place I & my friend wants to share my broadband connection. we calculated the CAT5 cable requied about 200 ms n cost upto 2000 Rs its heavy for us plus a hub is required(additional). I have heared about RJ11 to RJ45 &...
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