1. buddyram

    Backing Up Microsoft Outlook MailBox

    I want to format my windows drive in order to remove weird/unscrupulous softwares. Is there any way to back up the Mails residing in Microsoft Outlook, so that i can restore it while after i install the OS again!!
  2. vikasg03

    Where is MBR residing

    Hi, I am having window xp proff sp2 in c and d partition. Due to some reason i want to re-install window xp prof sp2 in c drive again by formating c drive. Just want to know where is this MBR/ boot info residing. like if i run xp from d drive and format c drive usgin GUI, is it erase my...
  3. K

    Files not displaying on Mapped Networked Drives

    We have a mapped network drive in Windows Xp PRof. System.The contents of this drive are not fully displayed.Some files are missing from the folders. the files are originally residing in the folder and can be opened in other systems.the files are not hidden. anybody have solution on this???????
  4. C

    where is service center for Segate lost

    Hi guys, I have a maxtor portable drive (80GB) its still under warranty.. i had purchased it from Laminton the guys at the shop are saying go to a service center n sort ur self out...i am residing in goa.... any one had ideas where i will be able to trace the service center here...
  5. I


    i m Using windows XP home Edition. when i press alt + ctrl + del i see a file name adrpan.exe..... can anyone tell me plz what is that and how can i remove it i tried to remove it with spyware doctor... but i came again and it is residing in windows\system32 folder please help
  6. damnthenet


    Hi Forumers, Whenever I start my IE, it opens. But when I close it, the window gets closed without any problem, but "IEXPLORER" still resides in my "process" in Windows Task Manager. This causes IE to stop responding when I open and close IE many times as the residing "IEXPLORER(S)" take all my...
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