1. anky

    Redmi Note 3 16GB Confusion/ One plus X

    hi guys, I was All set to buy redmi note 3 32Gb version, but amazon had another plans , it is not selling 32Gb version now, don't know when it will be back in stock. Right now, Amazon is giving 1000rs cashback. So 16Gb version will cost 9000rs. Is it worth buying if storage is not much of a...
  2. reddead

    Moto G 3rd Gen or Redmi Note 3

    Hey guys, I am planning to buy a new mobile and i am really confused between Moto G 3rd gen and Redmi Note 3... I was all for Moto unless Redmi was released. Though i know that redmi wins on paper on all aspects but i really really hate MIUI OS. I am currently using a redmi note 4g and i...
  3. vedula.k95

    Redmi Note 3 or Redmi 3?

    Hey guys What should I go for Redmi 3 or Redmi Note 3? or should I wait for some more miracles? :sad_NF::sad_NF:
  4. D

    Need a Disposable Android

    Need advice for a new mobile!!!! My current Requirements : A good music quality + Pdf reading + easy opening of documents + big screen of 4.5" -5" + external sd support of 32 gb , smooth operation . no gaming need + camera + or any fancy thing what I require is stability n not...
  5. A

    Concerns about buying new redmi 2 prime...

    Dear all.... I plan to buy a redmi 2 prime as I found it is the best option under Rs 9000 considering camera and screen. I like small phones and redmi 2 prime got 4.7 inch screen. Main concerns I found about redmi 2 prime from reviews are heating and mic problem. So I would like to hear from...
  6. ravi847

    Suggest a good ROM for Redmi note 3g

    Hello guys I am a user of redmi note 3g and am currently using the Jotiki rom based AOSP. Its stable but battery drain is somewhat high and also I am bored with this ROM. So please suggest some good stable roms that you have used. Also provide links.
  7. meetdilip

    Redmi 2 and 2 Prime , difference

    What is the difference between Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Prime. I see that they are differently priced at Rs.5,999 and Rs..6,999.
  8. adityak469

    Redmi 2 vs Yu Yunique

    1. Budget? A. At max 7k 2. Display type and size? A. ~5 inch 3. Dual sim? A. Not necessary 4. Preferred choice of brand? A. None 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? A. Flash+Front both necessary. Also camera should be good. 6. Preferred operating system? (Android...
  9. meetdilip

    Redmi Note 4G battery drains quickly

    I have a 4 month old Redmi Note 4G. Since last two days, battery is draining pretty quickly. Assuming it is covered under warranty, how can I get it replaced ?
  10. S

    Rs 1000 off on Selected Mi products in Amazon 22-24 Sep is having a I love Mi discount sale - Rs 1000 off on Mi 4, Mi 4i and Mi Pad from 22nd to 24 Sep, 2015. Sadly, no discount on Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Prime. :|
  11. anarchy0x

    Buying a new mobile for myself

    Most important features required- I'm using Xiaomi Redmi Note now & the reason I'm getting a new one is mostly coz this one doesn't have dual sim, & there're some features of the phone I really like which I'd also like to have in the new phone: 1) Should have this facility which Redmi has, that...
  12. AshurainX

    Phone for 5k~ only to play clash of clans?

    Buying one for my cousin. cheaper the better cos he needs a mobile only to play that. I can see so many options around that price range - all 3 android one phones, Redmi 1s & 2, asus zenphone 4 and a few others. So which one do you guys recommend?
  13. GhorMaanas

    In-ear-headset (w/ mic) for Redmi 2 Prime [under 500/-]

    Hello! need the item in subject. budget is under Rs. 500. this one from nokia looks good: would work with redmi? please...
  14. S

    Just ordered Redmi 2 Prime.

    Just ordered Redmi 2 Prime today.. It's got 2 Gigs of RAM instead of 1 Gig in Redmi 2. Also got 10% cashback through dads Citibank CC. Hope it would be better than Yuphoria.
  15. adityak469

    [Want to Buy] Redmi 1S

    Looking for a Redmi 1S At max 1 year old Only charger as a accessory required There should be minimal or no scratches on screen Willing to pay 4k (negotiable)
  16. G

    uneven backlighting on redmi 2

    Dear members, I'm troubled with redmi 2. I bought the first unit from flipkart and the lower left side had less brightness. They replaced the unit and now not that significant but the lower side of screen has less brightness than the rest of the screen. Could anyone tell me or show images it's...
  17. Nerevarine

    Yuphoria Vs Redmi 2

    Need to order one asap for a friend, please vote and mention why it is better.. My budget is Rs 8k
  18. P

    Internet problem in Xiaomi Redmi 2

    I got my Redmi 2 yesterday. My Redmi 2 is working fine and i am satisfied so far. But I am facing a problem with my Redmi 2. Some pages/sites in my browser is not opening and showing "request timed out" msg. Can anyone help in this regard as to why is this happening. I have used three...
  19. Samarth 619

    REVIEW: Xiaomi Redmi 1S:- The budget performer.

    Xiaomi Redmi 1s review: The budget performer. Guys, As promised in the Mi 5200 Review thread, I am writing a review of Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Thanks to my college’s corporate level Fibre-optic internet, I passed through the Redmi 1S flash sale in first attempt itself. To know more about Xiaomi...
  20. E

    Xiaomi Mi4 to Debut in India by Year End; Redmi Note, Redmi 1S to Hit Stores Before Diwali

    (Source) Still not as VFM as the Mi3, I guess...
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